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Thank you for your interest in Heathwood Hall Episcopal School. It is truly an honor and a privilege to share with you the traditions, principles, and spirit that make our community unique. Through our experienced admission office and our fellow parents, we know that selecting the perfect school for your child can be a daunting process. It is not unusual for parents to walk away from a tour armed with test scores and information concerning every facet of school life and still not have a balanced, definitive sense of a particular community's character.

Therefore, who is Heathwood Hall Episcopal School? While we are indeed a college preparatory school with some of the most widely-recognized faculty and award-winning students in the Midlands, we are really so much more. We are a place where students grow not just academically, but in the development of their character. In fact, we have a saying at Heathwood, "If a student has perfect SAT scores but lacks the morals to match them, then we have failed."

Faith and spirituality play a major role in fulfilling each student's potential, allowing and teaching them to understand and reflect upon the world around them. Our students are moved to appreciate and respect their diversity and are encouraged to be responsible, ethical, and selfless stewards of their surroundings. It is our commitment to cultivate truly well-rounded students both in the classroom and in life. While we strive to achieve this through our various signature programs, high academic standards, and dedication to know every student individually, it is our underlying culture that genuinely sets us apart.

We are a proud school; accomplished yet humble. It is a place where it is cool to be smart. Our students and families are welcoming and inclusive. We are a close-knit community comprised of individuals that support one another. We are the same people you will be cheering alongside at Highlander football games and the same ones that you will be crying alongside at commencement. It is that sense of family which creates a safe environment for fostering the growth of our children as individuals. Our faculty members encourage students to be curious and to discover their own creativity, which inspires them ultimately to become lifelong learners. As Heathwood students evolve into independent young adults during their time here, it is our continuing goal that they be adaptable, collaborative, and well-prepared for an increasingly global and diverse world.

After more than 60 years of inspiring generations of Heathwood students, one life at a time, we grow ever more grateful for the lasting strength of our community. Ultimately, it is that intangible sense of acceptance that is so profound and critical to the development and success of our children. We hope that you will come and explore the Heathwood experience for yourself.

Jane Beach

Director of Enrollment Management
Early Childhood and Lower School Admissions
(803) 231-7796
Jane Beach, Director of Admission
Blair Mason

Admission Associate
Intermediate Middle and Upper Schools
(803) 231-7718
Jane Beach, Director of Admission
Mary Spencer C. Scurry (Pence)

Admission Associate
(803) 231-7719

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