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Bird Of Paradise
Bird Of Paradise
Photographed in Venezuela, South America
Photo courtesy ©
Carlos Rivero-Blanco, Venezuela Yours

Missouri Botanical Gardens - Missouri Botanical Garden scientists conduct the most active and geographically widespread botanical research program in the world. Photos, taxonomy, essays, and more of flora throughout the world. Excellent and extensive.

Kapok Tree - The Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation (CFTC) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1997, dedicated to the preservation and rehabilitation of tropical habitats, and the conservation of their plants and animals. Very nice site for young people with information on the Ceiba (Kapok) tree.

Tropical Ecosystems of Costa Rica and Panama - This might be my favorite rainforest site on the Internet. I can't begin to explain the amount of stuff there, all science related. Send your kids there and let them loose. If they get lost, so what, they will love it. Have them scroll down this page, they will see plants, animals, movies, and more. Tons and tons of photos, all rainforest. Dr. Cummins has contributed many photos to our site and everytime I go there I see something new.

Plants and Animals Of Costa Rica - Entirely in Spanish. Information and photos on some plants and animals of Costa Rica. Check it out, very nice.

The Brazil Nut Industry - Past, Present, and Future - One of the most important economic plants of the Amazon is the Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa). An excellent article by Scott A. Mori of The New York Botanical Garden. Great photos. Geared towards upper elementary/middle school and way beyond.

World's Largest Flower - Found in the Indonesian Rainforest. Indonesia's Rafflesia flower, Rafflesia arnoldi.

Rafflesia arnoldi
World's Largest Flower
Rafflesia arnoldi
Photographed in West Sumatra, Indonesia
Photo courtesy ©
Karl Lehmann (Lost World Arts)

Hawaiian Plants - Oahu Nature Tours website with an image gallery of Hawaiian plants. Very nice photos.

Teaching Tropical Rainforest Biology - A very nice site with a small selection of plants and animals. Also a small section on rainforest people. Easy for young people to view.

The Living Edens - A PBS website with plant information from the Peruvian Amazon. Excellent descriptions, very readable, very few photos.

Bromeliad Info - From the Bromeliad Society International. Rainforests are filled with many types of bromeliads. Many rainforest frogs have their babies in the pools of water formed in some bromeliads. The most famous bromeliad is the pineapple. Excellent site for upper elementary and beyond. Facts and tons of photos.

Venezuela Yours - A great site with photos and information of some of Venezuela's plants (Bird Of Paradise, Snake Cucumber, Golden Heliconia, Giant Ferns, Orinoco's Superb Orchid).

An Amazon Adventure - An excellent selection of Amazon Rainforest plants. Web site done by kids in West Virginia. It's beautiful.

Palm in Borneo rainforest
Photo courtesy/copyright 1997,
Borneo Adventure

Papua New Guinea Orchid News - Beautiful photos of the orchids of Papua New Guinea. Lots of other great images of one of the world's last relatively "untouched" lands.

Plants Of The Rainforest - Created by Eleva-Strum sixth grade students. Small, but great selection includes Venus Fly Trap, Orchid, Bird Of Paradise, Liana, Strangler Fig, African Violet, and a few others as well. Excellent for younger children.

Plant Map Of Costa Rica - Small selection of nice photos and descriptions of plants from Costa Rica. Good for younger kids, they click on a plant on the map and up pops a photo and description.

Australian Center for Plant Biodiversity Research - Photo oriented site of plants of Australia, many of them are rainforest plants. Very visual, minimal descriptions.

Nepenthes from Borneo - Nepenthes, otherwise known as Tropical Pitcher Plants, are extraordinary carnivorous plants from the rain forests of Asia. They supplement their diet by catching and digesting insects, or occasionally something more substantial - frogs and even rats have been found inside their digestive organs. A very nice overview with photos.

Plants Of Tasmania - An excellent page with facts and photos of plants of Tasmania, which contains a large part of Australia's temperate rainforest.

Cup Fungi
Cup Fungi
Photographed in Taman Negara, Malaysia
One of the world's oldest rainforests
Photo courtesy ©
Karl Lehmann (Lost World Arts)

Costa Rican Handbook - A one pager with some photos and descriptions of various Costa Rican plants.

Toucan Sam - Small selection of plants with descriptions and photos. Very nice for younger children.

Learning About Rainforests - Very nice selection for younger children. Bromeliad, Epiphyte, Saprophyte, Carniverous plants, Orchids, Buttress roots, Lianas, Stilt/prop roots, and Strangler fig.

Monkey Ladder, Strangler Fig, Vegetable Ivory - WAYNE'S WORD (a newsletter of natural history trivia) features little known and unusual plants of the world. Very informative with lots of photos. Excellent for upper elementary and way beyond.

Madagascar Biodiversity and Conservation - David Parks has contributed many photos to our site, go down to the rainforest section and browse, beautiful color photos of plants and animals of Madagascar. I guarantee you will find a photo that you like on his site, probably tons of photos you like.

Epiphytes all over tree in rainforest
Photo courtesy/copyright
Dr. Hays Cummins

Rainforest - Australia - An outstanding overview/guide to Tropical North Queensland, Australia. Tons of animal and plant descriptions and photos. Much more. Easy to use, great for kids of all ages.

Rubber Tree, Coir-Coconut Fiber, Cassava - Some tropical rainforest plants from the website of Professor Joseph E. Armstrong of Illinois State University. Excellent photos with just the right amount of text. Beautiful for kids of any age.

Passport To The Rainforest - An outstanding site for teachers and kids. Follow in Darwin's footsteps, courtesy of PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE, to the heart of our planet's largest rainforest, guided by some of the world's leading biologists. Explore "the greatest expression of life" so far discovered in all the Universe, via a project that uses video, real-time interactions, the Internet and hands-on science activities - PASSPORT TO THE RAINFOREST. Lots of rainforest information including a nice plant section (Tank bromeliad, Forest cucumber, Cecropia tree, Fig tree, and more).

Plants Of The Amazon Database- Rain-Tree Nutrition's outstanding site on medicinal plants of the Amazon. If you are looking for plants in the Amazon, close your eyes, click, and you've got one. Lots and lots and lots. Rather technical and lengthy descriptions, at least a black and white sketch, many color photos. You would be hard pressed to find a more thorough treatment of each plant anywhere on the Internet. Take a look, click on a plant even if you are not sure what it is, and go from there. An outstanding reference. For starters, check out the Cat's claw, Brazilian Pepper Tree, Brazil nut, and Annatto; four of the most important plants in the Amazon Rainforest.

Discover Olympic - A simple to view site with facts, plant images, and animal images of the Olympic National Rainforest located on the Pacific West Coast of the United States. It is a temperate rainforest.

Monkey Ladder
The common "monkey ladder" of tropical forests is the sculptured main stem of a Bauhinia liana.
This photograph was taken by Dr. Mildred Mathias in 1961 in the Peruvian Amazon.
Photo courtesy/copyright
Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden

Jungle Photos - Amazon Plants - Young children will love this site, mostly photographs with minimal amount of text. Excellent pictures of Heliconias, Orchids, Lianas, Giant water lily, Arums, Fungi, Trees, Acacias, and Palms. Jungle Photos is a non-commercial site that emphasizes education about the Amazon rainforest. It provides a host of resources for students and teacher. Directed at grades 5-12, the site features over 250 high-resolution photographs, each captioned with relevant natural history (plants, animals, scenery, etc.) or cultural information (people, tribes, towns, etc.).

Heliconia - A beautiful flower found in many rainforests, especially those in Central and South America. This site has basic information with images.

How Chocolate Is Made from The Cacao Tree - The Cacao tree produces beans which are a major ingredient of chocolate. Excellent overview of the Cacao tree and chocolate making.

Curare - The Yagua Indians in the Amazon Rainforest use parts of this plant to tip their blow dart arrows. When mixed with other plants it creates a poison. A nice overview at this site.

Darts tipped with poison made from the Curare plant
Photo © Alison Wright/CORBIS, Courtesy Ron Kalasinskas

Summary listing of plants mentioned above


Bird Of Paradise

Brazilian Pepper Tree

Brazil Nut


Cacao Tree (chocolate)


Cat's Claw

Cecropia Tree

Coir-Coconut Fiber

Cup Fungi



Fig Tree

Forest Cucumber

Giant Ferns

Giant Water Lily


Kapok Tree


Monkey Ladder





Pitcher Plant

Rafflesia arnoldi

Rubber Tree

Snake Cucumber

Strangler Fig

Vegetable Ivory

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