14 Upper School Students Inducted into National Honor Society

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fourteen Heathwood juniors and seniors were inducted into the Les Savants chapter of the National Honor Society on October 25, 2017.

Being tapped to join the National Honor Society is one of the highest honors that Heathwood bestows on its students, said Upper School Head George Scouten. Noting that the NHS doesn’t just honor its members’ accomplishments but also serves as an active organization that creates leadership and service opportunities for its members, Scouten called on the new inductees both to be proud of their achievements and to look for new ways to apply their talents.

All of the new inductees were selected for NHS membership not just because of their outstanding academic performance but also because of their exemplary character, leadership, and service.

Guest speaker Thad Moore, a 2011 Heathwood graduate who is now a business reporter for the Charleston Post and Courier, recalled his own induction into the NHS in 2009 and spoke of what he’d learned since about the value of hard work and persistence and the importance of curiosity as a driver of both success and engagement. “Curiosity isn’t just something that happens to you,” he noted. “It’s a decision you can make.” And, he said, once you find even one small aspect of an assignment that sparks your curiosity, work that seemed like a slog can become engaging and even exciting.


The 2017 inductees into the Les Savants Chapter of the National Honor Society are:


From the Class of 2019


Davis Buchanan

Mitesh Das

Allison Hall

Julia Lauterbach

Ben Mathews

Kathleen Powers

Kate Willhide


From the Class of 2018


Flinn Christian

Courtney Holt

Cristina Kinosian

Maryah Nasir

Crystal Pusey

Jim Xue

Coco Yuan