1st Graders Create Hope Bags for Those in Need

Monday, November 20, 2017

If you were struggling to get by, what small gifts from strangers might make a difference?

That’s a question Heathwood 1st graders have been contemplating as they created “Hope Bags” for those in our community in need. After decorating bags with messages of hope and love, the students filled them with socks, snacks, lip balm, dental kits, combs, and hand sanitizer—all of which can add to the quality of the recipients’ lives in big ways and small. The students then shared the bags with those in need.

The Hope Bags are a 1st grade tradition that grew out of classroom conversations about serving others who may not be as blessed as we are. Giving back by creating Hope Bags, says 1st grade teacher Hope Halfacre-Bryant, is a special way for students to begin the holiday season.