2nd Grade Career Day a Big Hit

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

If you could be a judge, a pharmacist, a county sheriff, a doctor, or a DNR agent, which would you choose? That’s a question Heathwood 2nd graders will have to answer soon as they decide on their occupations for the Build a City project—and on 2nd Grade Career Day they got help in making that decision from members of all of these professions and more.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott both MC’d and participated in Career Day, which took place April 15 and also featured a dentist, a magazine editor, an engineer and two Realtors. The visitors brought props, ranging from a Realtor’s lockbox to the tiny diapers a neonatologist might use on a premature baby, to help illustrate what their jobs are like. They also gave students a taste of the kinds of knowledge and insight various jobs require. Realtors (and Heathwood parents) Dale and Alex Roberts, for example, showed the students pictures of houses and asked them to take their best guess at what each was worth.

The students, said 2nd grade teacher Kellie McElveen, really enjoyed the presentations. “They were impressively quiet and attentive,” she said, “and they asked very meaningful questions. We’d like to send a huge thank-you to all the talented professionals who took time out of their days to come share their experiences with us.”

Now that they’ve gotten a taste of several professions that are key to the life of any city, the 2nd graders will begin choosing the roles they want to play in the city they’re collectively constructing. In addition to the occupations they learned about on Career Day, they can consider running for office, or serving in the clergy, working as farmers or teachers, or taking on any of the other jobs that contribute to city life. Each student will then research their occupation and present on it to the class.

The Build A City project will culminate on City Day, May 20, which will feature a ribbon cutting ceremony, presentations on the city the students built, and much more.