6th Grade Class Trip Brings Science to Life

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The classroom curriculum came alive for Heathwood's 6th graders when they spent November 7th and 8th at Camp Thunderbird, working with Heathwood teachers and the staff at the camp’s Environmental Education Center and expanding lessons learned in their science classes.

Classes at Camp Thunderbird allowed the students to study the qualities and properties of soil and the complexities associated with aquatic ecology. Some of the questions the 6th graders explored included:

--How do temperature, minerals and biotic life forms combine to provide the nutrients needed to produce healthy food?

--How do the variety and abundance of aquatic insects provide insight into the quality of water in a stream?

--What factors may limit the ability to live sustainability in the 21st century?

Overnight class trips, organized through Heathwood's PEAK program, are an integral part of the Middle School experience. At each Middle School grade level, extended class trips give students an opportunity to take their learning beyond the classroom--an approach that's very much in keeping with Heathwood's longtime focus on experiential education.