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Where Futures Begin


Gabriel Brandner - Class of 2013

“Heathwood has a unique learning environment, where the teachers personally invest in their students.  The mentorship I received at Heathwood prepared me, both academically and athletically, for my collegiate experience at Duke University as a student-athlete.”

- Gabriel Brandner 

Heathwood Hall  - Class of 2013
Duke University - Class of 2017
Medical University of SC - Class of 2023

Riana Shelley - Class of 2020

“Being able to advocate for myself is a skill that Heathwood has helped me develop since Kindergarten. Because of strong relationships with teachers and administration, I know that I have a support system at school that allows me to thrive as a student and to communicate my best interests. Self-advocacy is an indispensable skill that will only become more important as I go off to college and beyond where independence is vital.”

- Riana Shelley 

Heathwood Hall  - Class of 2020

Caballero - Parent  2020

“Dropping Molly off for her first day in the Early Childhood 3’s program was a moment full of emotions. I was filled with hopes of who my little girl would become. Heathwood Hall has nurtured her in a caring community that challenged her to be her best. Now, as she prepares to graduate, I am amazed with who she has become and how prepared she is for her future.”

- John Caballero 

Parent of Molly Caballero
Heathwood Hall  - Class of 2020

Amanda Finney - Class of 2009

“Take advantage of all that HHES has to offer - it is truly a special place. With the small class sizes, the deeply devoted teachers, Heathwood nurtured me inside and out. The sense of community and belonging at such an early age is something I take with me every single day. Never forget how fortunate you are to attend such a school, which challenges to think you both inside and outside of the classroom.”

- Amanda Finney 

Heathwood Hall  - Class of 2009

Corey Littlejohn - Class of 2011

“Heathwood shaped me into the man I am today. I played high school and collegiate basketball, and always knew that basketball was not a forever thing. Coach Whalen and my other coaches did an excellent job of not only teaching me the “X’s and O’s” of basketball, but also the “X’s and O’s” of life.”

- Corey Littlejohn 

Heathwood Hall  - Class of 2011