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College Counseling Program

College Counseling

College Counseling


We know that there exists an exciting world of over 4000 college options across the country, in Canada, and in the UK. We introduce our students and families to as broad a range as we can.

It is our priority to know each young person as a unique individual and guide them in making informed choices in light their aspirations, ability, style, and strengths.

We recognize that the range of college choices available to each student is directly related to their own effort and individual habits of mind. Therefore, we guide students in taking ownership over their high school education and college planning process, knowing that doing so will maximize the college options that will later become available to them.


The college planning process formally begins in the junior year. A combination of meetings, events and online resources enables students and families to engage thoughtfully in the process:

  • Students meet with college counselors one-on one to discuss academic strengths, aspirations, and viable college options.
  • Students use Naviance – an online college planning platform – to manage their search and their applications.
  • Day and evening programs throughout the year are designed to inform juniors and their families of various aspects of the college process and create excitement for the journey that lies ahead.
  • Teachers and advisors communicate regularly with the college counseling staff as they prepare student recommendations.

On a less formal basis, the college counseling office engages freshman and sophomores in developmentally appropriate ways so that they, too, may be inspired to position themselves optimally for a broad range of college options.

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Information for College Representatives

Thank you for your interest in Heathwood Hall Episcopal School. We look forward to hosting you!

We currently use to schedule college representative visits to our school. Available appointments typically range between 30 and 45 minutes. Your visit will take place in a private setting, where students are invited to stop by to learn more about your school. Please plan to arrive a few minutes in advance of your appointment to check in with our security team at the campus gate and to receive a visitor badge at the receptionist’s office. To help you find the college counseling office on the day of your visit, please click here for a detailed campus map.

If you are unable to schedule an appointment online, or if you have any questions regarding your visit, please contact Assistant to the College Counseling Office Mark Altman at or 803.231.7771.