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Early Childhood Experience: Photo Galleries

With more than 100 acres of outdoor classroom at their disposal, Heathwood Early Childhood students get around! Their school experience is also enhanced by unique facilities like our Tinker Lab, Art Studio, and Maker Space, by partnering with older students for learning experiences like our Biology Buddies program, and by family events like Merry Moms and Dads' Day. The photo galleries we've compiled below show both the daily experience of our EC students and some of the special events that are unique to the Heathwood community. Just click on the links below to see full galleries for each event or program.

Tinker Lab

A true STEM environment for early childhood students, the Tinker Lab offers opportunities for students to explore engineering, physical sciences, and applied math in a very hands-on way that stimulates creativity, intellectual curiosity, physical dexterity, and more.

Art Studio

For young learners, art is more than self expression -- it's also a hands-on opportunity to build creativity, problem-solving skills, and confidence. Heathwood's art studio, stocked with a full range of supplies including paints, clay, a light table, and more, and run by an experienced art teacher, provides a dedicated space where students can stretch, explore, and grow.


Outdoor Education

Heathwood's 122-acre bio-diverse campus is a vast outdoor classroom for our Early Childhood students. Science lessons, art sessions, and more take place at our pond, in various ecosystems, and in our gardens. Students roam the campus to gather materials for their annual habitat study. And on nice days they can venture out for everything from reading to math to PE, allowing them to have a learning experience that regularly extends beyond classroom walls.

Biology Buddies

When younger and older students team up to learn together, they also learn a lot from each other. The Biology Buddies program pairs 4K students with 11th graders to study plant biology. Their collaboration builds collaborative skills and confidence--and often leads to new friendships as well.




Early Childhood Tinker Night​

Give young students a few creative learning tools and it's amazing where their imaginations will take them. Tinker Night allows EC parents to join their children in the kind of hands-on learning our students experience in Heathwood's Tinker Lab.

Dads' Day and EC 4s Dads' Day

EC students love the Heathwood pond and frequently enjoy it for both educational and recreational purposes. But there's something extra-special about spending a morning on the pond with our dads, boating, fishing, and just enjoying nature!


Merry Moms

EC students love to welcome their moms to campus each December for a special holiday celebration. 

PJs and Picture Books Day

For Heathwood Early Childhood and Kindergarten students, PJs and Picture Books Day is one of the most fun days of the year. Students wear their favorite PJs to school, gather in the min-gym for a skit about reading put on by the Kindergarten, then return to their classrooms, where Heathwood parents, teachers, and staff read SC Children's Picture Book Award nominees to small groups of students. 

Spring Fling

One of our favorite Heathwood traditions, Spring Fling is an afterschool afternoon of games and activities that's a blast for students of all ages.

Dining Commons

Heathwood's Dining Commons offers meals that are far from the norm in an educational setting: under the guidance of an expert head chef, we prepare meals that are both healthy and delicious, with locally sourced ingredients, a wide variety of options, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.