Early Childhood Twos Program

Heathwood knows young children learn best through experimentation and participation in their environment.  Our two-year-old students interact directly with their environment with teachers serving as facilitators, strengthening overall student engagement and confidence.  Our two-year-old students experience unique learning opportunities through our Tinker Lab, outdoor classrooms, art, music, library, chapel, PE, and more.  As a part of a larger community with older students, our youngest children gain the benefit of countless other resources right on campus – from an exceptional dining hall to sophisticated auditoriums and advanced technology resources - many of which are often not available in a traditional preschool environment.

Our Tinker Lab provides hands–on experiences in experimental science, a true STEM environment for young students, and our Art Studio gives them creative space to be inspired though use of clay, the light table, and other artistic mediums.  When matched with teachers who truly love their students, Heathwood creates a safe, nurturing environment that becomes the solid foundation for lifelong learning.