Alumni Spotlight: Sanchit Kapur, '11

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sanchit Kapur, ’11, just graduated from college in 2016 but has already built an impressive career in financial services. In addition to earning a B.S. in Economics and a minor in Political Science from the University of South Carolina’s Honors College, Sanchit completed internships in investment analysis and investment banking. Now he’s a Financial Services Consultant in Charlotte.

Here Sanchit talks about how his time at Heathwood helped him discover his vocation and develop the work ethic that has accelerated his career, and shares his advice for current Heathwood students who want to take the right steps now to jump-start their own future careers.


How do you feel your Heathwood experience prepared you for college and/or your career?

Heathwood challenged you to grow outside of the classroom through experiences like Winterim and Model UN. I felt Heathwood helped me develop into a well-rounded person.


What Heathwood teacher made the biggest impression on you?

I took Mrs. Norman’s Honors Biology in 10th grade and her AP Environmental Science class in 12th grade. Science was- and still isn’t- my strong suit. I feel like I can look back and credit Mrs. Norman and her class for helping me develop a strong work ethic because I wanted to get a good grade in her class and gain her respect.


What Heathwood classmates had an impact on you?

Thad Moore (class of 2011) and I have remained very close friends since our Heathwood days. We roomed together at USC for over 4 years and have travelled quite a bit together. I’ll speak for him as well, but I believe a good part of our friendship is challenging each other to grow and improve in our professional and personal lives.


What are you doing now? Tell us a little about your career path.    

I am a financial services consultant based in Charlotte. During school, I fell in love with Economics as a subject due to its real-world applications. I started reading about the financial crisis and interned with a couple of banks and asset managers. I was fortunate enough to intern in different areas of finance- from digital strategy to asset-backed securities to portfolio management.

I enjoyed learning new areas of the financial world so I became a consultant due to its variety of projects that touched all levels of banks. I also really wanted to travel for work and consultants are typically on the road weekly.


What do you enjoy most about your job? What do you find most rewarding about it?

Consulting is dynamic because we have projects that require a steep learning curve and quick deadlines, so you are continuously on your toes with new subjects, new clients and new goals- almost on a daily basis. I enjoy the unpredictably of my job because it’s never boring and you cannot be complacent.


What advice do you have for current Heathwood students who might be interested in following in your professional footsteps?

Focus on what you can control and read continuously to gain expertise in your field. If you combine those two, you will gain the self-awareness to grow and gain a passion and work ethic that will set you apart from your peers.