Athletics Camps



Action, Cheer & Tumble (“A.C.T.”) Camp

Grades Kindergarten to 8                                                                                                          $170

Week 1 (Monday through Thursday, Only)*                                                           9AM – 12PM​

This popular camp will focus on the tumbling aspect of cheer-leading in a fun, safe environment. Whether you are getting ready to try out for cheer -leading or simply want to master a certain skill, this camp is right for you! All levels, from beginners to the more advanced tumbler, are encouraged to attend. Campers will be divided according to their skill level in order to ensure maximum learning opportunities.

*OPTION for a ONE DAY CAMP Friday will be offered, details forthcoming.


Baseball Camp

Grades 2 to 7                                                                                                                              $200

Week 1                                                                                                                        9AM – 12PM​

Enjoy a fun filled week of baseball instruction with Brian Buscher, Joey Pancake and other former college baseball players. Each camper (girl or boy) will get individual and group instruction daily through drills and games. Each player will be taught the fundamentals of throwing, catching, fielding, hitting and base-running! Camper will also be given a Camp t-shirt. ***Please come dressed in baseball practice attire. Cleats, bats, gloves and helmets. Friday will include a sliding session in bathing suits .***


Beginner Horse Back Riding Camp

Grades 2 to 6                                                                                                                             $550

Week 4                                                                                                                       8AM - 4PM

This camp is for riders who would like to learn the basics in horse safety, horse care, and riding. Each rider's competence and confidence level will determine how much they learn during camp. Our goal is for all riders to learn how to trot by the end of the week, though some may go on to canter. 

Drop off and pick up for the riding camp will take place under the Campus Center. A small school bus will transport the children to and from the farm. 

Please send lunch and a water bottle with your child each day. Extra drinks, snacks, and sunscreen will be provided at camp. Please let us know if your child has any allergies. We have many different sized helmets on hand for campers to use, but if your child has his or her own helmet please send it. We have found that children are most comfortable in their own gear. 

Boots with a heel are necessary for safety when riding, and long pants. If you have questions about what is appropriate please call before camp. If there are advanced riders interested in camp, please let us know and accommodations can be made. 

Instructor:   Elizabeth Grove (803-261-9053) If you have questions


Boys Basketball

Grades 3 to 8                                                                                                                              $150

Week 2                                                                                                                         9AM – 12PM​

Do you want to improve your basketball fundamentals? Defense, rebounding, ball-handling, passing and shooting will all be covered during this camp. Heathwood basketball coach and Athletic Director Jeff Whalen will expand your understanding of the game via half-court and full-court situations.


Boys Lacrosse

Grades 5 to 10                                                                                                                           $200

Week 1                                                                                                                         9AM – 12PM​

Heathwood Lacrosse Coach Landon Nott will be hosting the 2019 Summer Lacrosse camp with the help of Penn State attackman Joe White, Washington and Lee midfielder and face off specialist Jed Londrey, and South Carolina Club Lacrosse defender Andrew Cooke. Youth and High school players will learn and improve fundamentals, skills, strategies and techniques. All experience levels are welcome. Players will be grouped according to age, size and playing experience. Our curriculum will be carefully crafted to challenge players of all levels. Full gear required: helmet, stick, arm & shoulder pads, cleats, gloves and mouth guard.

Joe White, Penn State, Attackman: A five-year member of the Collegiate School lacrosse team finishing as the all-time leader in goals (244), assists (181) and points (425) and sits atop each category in Virginia state history. All-State every year and was named All-Metro Player of the Year in 2017 and 2018, VISAA All-State, First Team All-Prep, Prep League Player of the Year, First Team All-America.

Jed Londrey, Washington and Lee, Midfield: Played three years of varsity lacrosse at the Collegiate School, served as a captain as a senior. 3 Year the all-prep, All-State as a junior and senior, and All-Metro and Academic All-American as a senior. Broke the program's season and career records for ground balls.

Andrew Cooke, University of South Carolina, Defense: Played three years of varsity lacrosse at the Collegiate School, named second team All-Metro and second team All-State and All-Prep senior year for lacrosse.


Cheer Camp - We've got Spirit!!

Grades K to 8                                                                                                                            $175

Week 4                                                                                                                        9AM – 12PM​

This camp is for anyone who is interested in learning all about cheerleading. With the help of B-team Cheerleading Coach, Allison Wilson alongside Heathwood Alumni and Syracuse University Cheerleader, Nadia Deas, campers will get the chance to stunt, learn chants and dances, and learn tumbling. 

We will also teach campers about what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle by being mentally strong, by learning about self worth and confidence, and physically strong. These are things that all cheerleaders need to know! 

Monday-Thursday will be time for our campers to learn and have fun. Friday is our showcase open for family and friends to see what our campers have learned. Come dressed in workout clothes and sneakers.  Price includes Cheer t-shirt for Showcase on Friday!

Don’t forget to bring a water bottle and a snack.


Co-Ed Basketball

Grades 2 to 7                                                                                                                              $150

Week 6                                                                                                                        9AM – 12PM​

Under the leadership of Heathwood's Varsity Girls' Basketball Head Coach Rich Edwards and some of his varsity players, the campers will have lots of fun improving their fundamental skills such as shooting, passing, dribbling, and defense while learning valuable lessons in teamwork and sportsmanship.  Using many different types of games and contests, campers will test their skills each day.


Girls’ & Boys’ Volleyball Skills Camp

Grades 5 to 8                                                                                                                              $150

Week 1                                                                                                                        9AM – 12PM

Come enjoy a fun week of volleyball with Coach Stefani Koelbel and the Highlander Volleyball Team. Campers will review the fundamentals of volleyball along with learning how to play the game, through fun games and skill training.           


Girls’ Basketball

Grades 3 to 7                                                                                                                              $150

Week 5                                                                                                                        9AM – 12PM

Under the guidance of Heathwood's Varsity Girls' Basketball Head Coach, Rich Edwards, and some of the varsity players, the girls will have lots of fun improving their fundamental skills such as shooting, passing, dribbling, and defense while learning valuable lessons in teamwork and sportsmanship.  Using many different types of games and contests, campers will test their skills each day in order to be more empowered and confident. 


Camp GOTR (Girls on the Run)

Grades 3 to 5                                                                                                                              $175

Week 6                                                                                                                        9AM – 12PM​

Camp GOTR combines the best of Girls on the Run with all the fun of camp! During this  week-long session, 3rd – 5th grade girls will build friendships in a fun and inclusive setting that includes interactive games, being physically active, and expressing creativity through art & crafts and storytelling. Led by caring and qualified Girls on the Run coaches, Camp GOTR provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for all girls, including girls with a disability, to develop self-confidence, learn life skills they can use now and as they grow, and have fun with friends.


Heart & Sole

Grades 5 to 12                                                                                                                            $100

Week 2                                                                                                                        9AM – 12PM​

Heart & Sole running camp for girls will provide an opportunity for girls of all abilities to learn the components of effective running (sprints, middle distance, and long distance). The camp will focus on the physical, mental, and social aspects of running and will cater to both beginners  as well as competitive high school runners.


Mindful Fitness Club

Grades 1 to 4                                                                                                                               $150

Week 7                                                                                                                         9AM – 12PM

Need a little mindful exercise in your life? Get moving as fast as you can for a camp full of fitness, fun, and mindfulness! We will play games, have spirited team challenges and participate in activities to create a mindful state. Participants will receive daily mindfulness badges. Brought to you by nationally-acclaimed learning organization, Little Scholars.


Multi-Sports Camp

Grades 1 to 6                                                                                                                              $200

Week 3 & 6                                                                                                                            1PM – 4PM

Our Multi-Sport camp is designed to introduce young athletes (girls and boys) to a variety of different sports in one setting. For this program we combine 3 -4 sports into one fun-filled week. Athletes will learn the rules and essentials of each sport through skill-based games and scrimmages. By the end of the week, your child will walk away with knowledge of (3 or 4) sports along with vital life lessons such as respect, teamwork, and self- discipline. Campers will be provided all necessary equipment and are asked to come in tennis shoes.  Instructors:  Brian Buscher & Curtis Player


PlayPower Explorers Camp: Super Sports

Grades EC2 to EC4                                                                                                                   $169

Week 3                                                                                                                        9AM – 12PM​

In PlayPower Sports Skills, we will learn about different sports using our favorite fun themes! Sharks & Minnows Football, Pirate Soccer, Bug Catcher Lacrosse and Beach Fun Volleyball are just a few of the Sports Adventures that we will go on!  Learning sports skills through imaginary play is the perfect way to introduce your little one to the wide world of sports!  Led by Melanie Slattery and team.


PlayPower Explorers Camp: Tumbling Tots

Grades EC2 to EC4                                                                                                                  $169

Week 1                                                                                                                        9AM – 12PM​

Join us this week for a Tumbling Tots adventure that incorporates tumbling skills with our favorite imaginative play themes! We will Tumble with Trolls, Flip with our friends from Frozen, Jump in the Jungle, do Spider-Man Handstands, Walk the Plank with Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and more!  Come tumble and play the PlayPower way! Led by Melanie Slattery and team.


Run the Hall- Elite Running Camp

Grades 7 to 12                                                                                                                            $120

Week 3                                                                                                                        9AM – 12PM​

Spend a week this summer with expert coaches sharing training advice individualized to each athlete. Participate in workouts, learning new techniques and training options to improve endurance and strength to get to the next level! Camp begins each day with a specialized workout designed to help runners get the most out of each workout, followed by Guest speakers, intensive sessions on injury prevention, strength training and sports psychology and college recruiting 101! Instructor: Cindy Scannella


Soccer Camp with Coaches Player & Richardson

Grades 1 to 7                                                                                                                              $150

Week 3                                                                                                                        9AM – 12PM

Coaches Curtis Player & Andrew Richardson will lead campers through a week of fun soccer activities! Designed for all skill-levels, campers will work in small groups and participate in drills and lots of soccer-related games. Campers will gain confidence in ball handling and learn different offensive and defensive strategies. Come have fun and practice with champions! Please bring soccer ball, water bottle, cleats, tennis shoes, and a snack.                     


Soccer Shots Summer Camp

Grades EC4 to 2                                                                                                                        $150

Weeks 2 & 4                                                                                                               9AM – 12PM​

4 TO 5 YEAR OLDS (PRE-K): Soccer Shots Classic utilizes creative and imaginative games to focus on basic soccer skills like dribbling, passing and shooting.  We also highlight a positive character trait each session such as respect, teamwork and appreciation.

5 TO 8 YEAR OLDS (K-2ND): Soccer Shots Premier focuses on individual skill, fitness and sportsmanship, providing an opportunity for children to be challenged through fun games and team interaction. Children will also be introduced to competition in a developmentally appropriate manner.


Strength, Conditioning & Nutrition Camp

Grades 5 to 8                                                                                                                              $125

Week 2 (Monday through Thursday, Only)*                                                                 1PM – 4PM

Coach Jay Spearman's focus is to build all students from the ground up by using sound exercise physiology principles based on scientific knowledge and practical experiences. On the first day of camp, participants will begin by completing a brief functional movement screening to determine their current trunk stabilization quality. Each camp session will start with age appropriate education centered around: the guidelines of proper nutrition and hydration, as well as the goal for the day relative to the strength and conditioning components. Following the educational session, each individual will take part in the developmental movement sessions where they will be taught the appropriate functional strength movements such as squats, hip hinge, upper body pushing, upper body pulling, as well as other exercises beneficial for their level of development. In addition to the strength movements, the students will learn proper sprint mechanics leading into fun games that allows them to use the skills in which they have learned. To conclude each day, the students will be provided with a wrap-up educational session in order for them to ask questions and receive feedback for future development. Instructor: Jay Spearman

*OPTION for a ONE DAY CAMP Friday will be offered, details forthcoming.


Stretch & Grow: All Star Cheer Camp

Grades EC3 to Kindergarten                                                                                                      $150

Week 3                                                                                                                        9AM – 12PM​

Fun Cheer Camp with cheers, chants, jumps, tumbles, pep rally and more!  Free Pom Poms!


Stretch & Grow: All Star Gymnastics and Fitness

Grades EC3 to Kindergarten                                                                                                      $150

Week 6                                                                                                                        9AM – 12PM​

Intro to Gymnastics!  Tumble, beam, fitness and FUN!  Games and crafts!


Stretch & Grow: All Star Sports

Grades EC3 to Kindergarten                                                                                                      $150

Week 5                                                                                                                        9AM – 12PM

Explore two different sports/day!!  Introduction to all our favorite sports!  Games, skills, crafts!


Stretch & Grow: Olympic Games Camp

Grades EC3 to Kindergarten                                                                                                      $150

Week 7                                                                                                                        9AM – 12PM

Explore all the Olympic Games in ONE CAMP!! Games, skills, crafts!



Grades 2 to 6                                                                                                                              $150

Week 2                                                                                                                        9AM – 12PM

Students will learn the fundamentals of tennis with Heathwood Director of Tennis, Coach Nick Gaffos! Each day, students will practice a variety of skills, techniques, and drills, and have the chance to sharpen skills in matches with other participants.  Students should bring their own tennis racket, a water bottle, and wear closed-toe athletic shoes for each session.


Tennis, Jr.

Grades EC4 to 1                                                                                                                        $150

Week 1                                                                                                                        9AM – 12PM​

Students will learn the fundamentals of tennis with Heathwood Director of Tennis, Coach Nick Gaffos! Each day, students will practice a variety of skills, techniques, and drills, and have the chance to sharpen skills in matches with other participants.  Students should bring their own tennis racket, a water bottle, and wear closed-toe athletic shoes for each session.