Columbia Connections

Columbia Connections

Heathwood Hall developed the Columbia Connections program with the recognition that students learn better and are more engaged through direct, hands-on experiences that are relevant to them. 

Columbia Connections enhances student learning by providing unique educational opportunities with leaders from the academic, cultural, scientific, non-profit, and business communities in Columbia. Columbia Connections serves as an extension of the core academic curriculum and supplements it by providing meaningful, real-world experiences. By working with diverse members of the community, and exploring a range of issues, challenges and opportunities using different tools and resources, students gain a richer, more in-depth understanding of how the skills and knowledge they acquire in the classroom translate into real-world action.

While schools will always be at the center of students’ educational experience, they are not the only centers for learning. Museums, labs, courtrooms, art studios, manufacturing centers, and more can all have a dynamic place in the learning system. Columbia Connections is about opening these learning environments up to Heathwood students more fully and creating opportunities for our students and teachers to connect and engage more fully with community life.

While essential skills development and knowledge acquisition remain a constant and important central focus of Heathwood’s curriculum, Columbia Connections allows our students and faculty to go beyond the basics by connecting what they’ve learned in the classroom to their surrounding communities.


Specific Goals for Columbia Connections

--Connecting to places

--Connecting to people

--Enhancing concepts

--Creating relationships

--Connecting to real-life experiences

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