Heathwood Plus (Extended Day)

Heathwood Plus (Extended Day)

What is Heathwood Plus?

Heathwood Plus is dedicated to providing excellent care and enriching opportunities for students outside the regular school day. Through Afternoon Express, Enrichment Activities, The Thought Studio, and Summer Programs, our teachers extend the curricular goals from the classroom and continue to develop the intellectual, creative, and moral capacities of students.

What can you expect when you enroll your child in a Heathwood Plus program?

You can expect that we will partner with you in developing happy, polite, well-adjusted children.  We care about manners, kindness, and having fun!  We want to inspire life-long learners who never lose the joy of discovery.  The Heathwood Plus program serves you by providing your child:

  • Individual attention from qualified, caring instructors
  • A high degree of supervision
  • A creative, nurturing atmosphere
  • Structured academic support
  • Opportunities for self-expression
  • Organized physical activities
  • Outdoor play and exploration
  • Free time, just to let kids be kids


Take a look at our Quick Reference Guide. Or please feel free to contact us at:

Allison Rashley, Director of Extended Learning: arashley@heathwood.org; 803-231-7799