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Heathwood Hall

Community Programs

PEAK offers an exciting variety of programs on a contract basis for individuals and groups in the greater community. Programs that promote wilderness adventure and training, team building, and leadership development are available for:

  • School Groups and Programs
  • Church Groups and Programs
  • Civic Organizations
  • Families and Individuals
  • Corporate Organizations

All programming is adventure-based and allows participants to engage on a CHALLENGE by CHOICE basis. PEAK staff collaborate with the contracting organization to design a custom program that meets participants’ goals and desired outcomes.

Team Building and Adventure

Team building, adventure and personal challenge programs are ideal for community groups and organizations looking to develop communication, trust, moral and leadership qualities among its members.  

These unique PEAK programs serve scouting troops, church youth groups, civic organizations, athletic teams and many other groups.  Program offerings include:

  • High and low ropes climbing and initiative activities
  • Mountain biking, hiking, backpacking and camping
  • Climbing and paddling, including whitewater kayaking
  • Wilderness first aid
  • Birthday parties for children in grades one through eight

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If your organization is interested in a team building program, click here for a non-binding preliminary interest form.

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Leadership Development

Would your business or professional organization benefit from leadership training and development that cultivates teamwork, team building, problem solving, and trust?  Are you looking to strengthen communication among your business team?  Do you need inspiration for risk-taking that is rooted in strategic goal setting and exciting adventure experience?

The PEAK Leadership Development Programs will take you and your colleagues outside to engage you in experiential learning and teamwork.   Our staff will meet with your leadership to develop a program that targets needs and identifies goals.

Click here for more information on these exciting programs.

If your organization is interested in a team building program, click here for a non-binding preliminary interest form.

Click here for a mandatory assumption of risk form.


Since 2007, PEAK has partnered with Columbia SCUBA, LLC to offer opportunities for underwater adventure and exploration, scientific research, and personal growth and development for members of the Heathwood community.

Heathwood students have dived at sites in natural springs in northern Florida, on coral reefs in John Penny camp State Park just off the coast of Key Largo, and at reef sites near the island of Utilla, Honduras,  Cozumel, Mexico, and Bimini, Bahamas.

The Open Water certified count now approaches 50 individuals in Middle School and Upper School, in addition to dozens of parents. Interest has spread to the Lower School as Heathwood Hall students participate in the PADI Seals Team program over the summer. Many PEAK student-divers have earned certification and recognition from the National Geographic Society, Project AWARE, the Coral Reef Conservation, and Coral Watch.

Countless diving adventures as well as opportunities to pursue open water and advanced diving certifications await students and adults in the Heathwood community as we encourage everyone to explore the underwater world.

Goals for Scuba Program

  • To promote an understanding and appreciation for the natural world by by offering opportunities to become Open Water Certified as aSCUBA diver so that underwater exploration is possible.
  • To develop and enhance specific skill sets associated withSCUBA diving.
  • To encourage positive and meaningful decision-making, communication, problem-solving and teamwork/team building skills through participation in a SCUBA diving activities.
  • To challenge and push beyond self-imposed circles of comfort and ability, and promote opportunity for healthy risk-taking through participation in a challenging underwater experience.
  • To instill feelings of confidence, qualities of leadership, and a willingness to compromise through participation in a SCUBA diving activities and expeditions.
  • To engage with the local community, encourage social responsibility, and improve the quality of life for others by participating in service projects based on Leave No Trace wilderness ethics as associated with the underwater world.

Open Water Dive Certification

Obtaining SCUBA Open Water Dive certification is a 3-step process. There is a CLASSROOM component that includes self-study, lecture, and written tests. Upon registration for the course a book or DVD is provided. There are 6 chapters in the book and a Knowledge Review (chapter test) at the end of each chapter that must be completed by each participant. All six Knowledge Reviews must be brought, fully completed, to the first classroom session. There is an exam that is given after the final classroom session. Participants must pass the exam before being allowed to continue.

An on-line option now exists for those individuals who would rather complete the classroom portion in the comfort of their own home. Dive professionals at Columbia SCUBA are available as on-line instructors throughout the process.

Sessions move from the classroom to a pool for the CONFINED WATERdives. Participants must pass a swim test (to be completed with mask, fins, and snorkel) prior to pool sessions. Two separate pool sessions allow participants to practice specific sets of SCUBA techniques.

After confined water dives, participants travel to the lake for the OPENWATER dives. Again, two separate open water sessions allow participants to practice specific sets of SCUBA techniques.

Some personal skin diving gear is necessary before participating in an OWDcertification course. Participants must have their own mask, snorkel, dive fins, booties, dive bag, and dive table calculator. These items may be purchased from Columbia SCUBA prior to beginning the certification process. Cost for a new set of skin diving gear ranges from $150-$300, depending upon the quality of gear that individuals choose to purchase.

With the exception of wet suits, ALL other diving gear needed for OWDcertification is provided in the cost of the course, including tanks, a buoyancy compensation device (BCD), a regulator, a dive computer, and weights. Wet suits may or may not be necessary, depending upon air and water temperature, and personal preference, but they can be rented from Columbia SCUBA.

Open water dive certification classes are offered each year for upper school students as a Winterim option. Otherwise, OWD certification classes are held each month at Columbia SCUBA.