Clone of WHY HHES

Academic engagement, physical and emotional safety, wellness, spirituality, diversity, programs of distinction, student and family support - There are so many reasons to choose Heathwood Hall for your child.

Visiting our campus for a tour, meeting the people on campus, and reaching out to members of our community are the best way to get to know WHY HHES. While the spirit and community can be hard to capture, we have done our best to do just that in a series of videos that highlight our programs, our people, our campus, and our community.

We invite you to watch the videos below and consider the information in our admissions documents; these are a great place to start to understand WHY HHES for your family. We hope you will then reach out to learn more about Heathwood Hall and schedule a tour on campus.

Our Virtual Open House

Virtual Open House

Video Showcase

Video Showvase

Admission Materials

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