David McCoy, '79, Honored With 2017 Weston Award

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Heathwood alumnus and past parent David McCoy, '78, is this year's recipient of the Anne Thornhill Weston Award.

The Weston Award is given each year to a Heathwood Hall graduate who has distinguished him or herself in the area of community service, a graduate who has followed in the footsteps of longtime Heathwood teacher and administrator Anne Weston, sharing her belief in the dignity of all people and the mission of Episcopal schools to educate and serve with faith, hope, and love.

As Head of School Chris Hinchey said when he presented David with the award at Heathwood's 2017 Commencement ceremony, "It’s hard to think of anyone who embodies all of those qualities more thoroughly and profoundly than this year’s Weston Award recipient.

Here are Mr. Hinchey's remarks in full:

"This year’s recipient is David McCoy. He graduated from Heathwood in 1979, but his connection didn’t end there. His daughter, Lauren, graduated in 2011. While she was a student here, he got involved with something that grew near and dear to his heart—the Johns Island Project—and he has become an essential component of our work there, giving generously of his time, expertise, and energy for each of the past 7 years—and we hope you’ll continue. David, we have come to rely on you in the many stages that lead to the yearly success of this important work.

"For those of you who aren’t familiar with this project, all Heathwood seniors travel to Johns Island where they help in the hard, dirty work of repairing homes for low-income people. These are fellow South Carolinians who need a helping hand. It can be a transformational experience for our students.

"It starts in April when David McCoy accompanies Willis Ware – Johns Island Coordinator –and the senior class officers to Johns Island on our scouting trip. He’s part of our team, working closely with the Rural Mission general contractor in developing a work plan for each of the home sites that our students will help repair and transform. But he’s not just a part of the planning. David gets his hands dirty, all while showing our students what it means to live a life of service and love for his fellow man.

"He usually travels down ahead of the adult chaperones and students to make sure that things are in order so that the work can begin the minute the student-workers arrive. He makes sure that the lumber is delivered to the right place, and checks on myriad other details.

"His skills and experience have been invaluable. He helps troubleshoot throughout the students’ labor at the worksites. If materials come up short, he’s quick to purchase and deliver additional materials to make sure that the job gets done.  And, he meets with the Community Relations Director for a debriefing after each year’s mission trip

"David has given over 800 hours of volunteer time to our work on Johns Island. As an alum and father of an alum, his service epitomizes so much of what we want our students to get from the Johns Island experience." 


Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1961, David McCoy lives in Hopkins, S.C. with his wife, Harriett Bishop McCoy.  In addition to being a home builder and owner of Carolina Bedrock Construction, LLC, David is a member of Eastminster Presbyterian Church, a Master Mason and member of the Lower Richland Masonic Lodge.  He enjoys hunting, camping, exploring, cooking, reading, and working with his hands.  The Heathwood Fine Arts Center is named in honor of his late mother, Barbara McCoy.