Digital Citizenship

​Heathwood Hall Episcopal School believes in the importance of helping our students and faculty to be engaged, ethical, and productive digital citizens. Digital citizenship involves positive behaviors that make for healthy interactions online and offline in addition to an awareness of how online experiences are different from offline experiences.  These differences require us to work with our students to understand what digital citizenship means and how to be good citizens in a complicated world of the Internet, social media, text messaging, etc.  We must develop behaviors that make our online experiences authentic and respectful, while also protecting ourselves from the always-connected, unforgetting, and often anonymous world of the Internet.

In order to help our students navigate the online world they face daily we have identified seven keys to Digital Citizenship.  

  1. Be present. 
  2. Be real. 
  3. Manners matter. 
  4. There is no delete. 
  5. Nothing is private. 
  6. Protect yourself. 
  7. Credit others.

A student who is mindful of these seven keys in their his/her life will develop habits and behaviors of a good digital citizen.  They will use the powerful digital tools for good, and they will protect themselves from the dangers that are present.   

*These seven keys to digital citizenship were developed by, and have been used with the permission of, Providence Day School