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Family Yoga & Mindfulness Workshop Offers Opportunities to De-stress, Find Balance

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

On Saturday, February 3, some 21 Heathwood students and parents gathered in the Middle School for a Family Yoga & Mindfulness workshop hosted by Heathwood yoga teacher Pam Meriwether.

The workshop was offered through the Middle School’s Mindful in the Hall program, which provides opportunities and resources to help students become more self-aware, less stressed, and more resilient.

“In today’s world, children are under more pressure and experiencing higher levels of stress than ever before,” said Mrs. Meriwether. “With increasing use of technology and hectic schedules, it can be a difficult to find time and energy to connect as a family and disconnect from external stressors.”

The workshop offered extended opportunities for family members to connect, both literally and figuratively. Students and their parents partnered up to move through a series of deeply restorative yoga poses, and were also guided through breathing, meditation, and mindfulness techniques that can easily be integrated into daily life to promote a more balanced, connected, and calm existence.

Key topics covered in the workshop included:

  • Practicing peaceful transitions & routines for stressful times (ex: bedtime, morning, homework time, test days, etc.)
  • Mindful behavior management at home and in the classroom
  • Daily self-care for adults and kids
  • Techniques for calm & focus, energy & balance, stress management & time management

The ultimate goal, said Middle School Head Suzanne Nagy, was “to allow parents and their children to learn some new strategies for being present, calming one’s nervous system, and learning ways to better approach transitions that may be difficult. While we learned a lot about posture, breathing, and balance, it was great fun! The motto for the day was, ‘You are perfect just as you are!’ What a gift to have that statement in your mind as you approach your life a bit more slowly and with intention.”

Positive feedback from workshop participants has prompted plans for two follow-up Family Yoga sessions:

Family Yoga & Mindfulness Class

ages 8-108 

(each student brings at least one adult with them)

Saturday, March 10 and 

Saturday May 5

9:30-11:30 a.m.

In the Middle School (top floor)

$15pp--sign up and pay in the Middle School office

These two-hour classes provide the space for a much needed recharge, for the whole family. As we move through a series of individual and partner yoga postures, you will be guided through breathing exercises, meditation and visualization that focus on self-healing, empathy, self-confidence and present awareness. In a playful atmosphere, we will explore breathing techniques, yoga poses, and mindfulness skills that can be integrated into your daily lives for a more balanced, connected and calm existence. Find a meaningful and relaxing practice that you can enjoy the benefits of as a family.  No experience is necessary.  Everyone is welcome!

Each class theme is unique, with topics that include:

*Practicing peaceful transitions & routines for stressful times (ex: bedtime, morning, homework time, test days, etc.)

*Mindful behavior management at home and in the classroom

*Daily self-care for adults and kids

*Increasing calm in a chaotic world: techniques for calm & focus, energy & balance, stress management & time management


You can learn more about the Mindful in the Hall program at https://www.heathwood.org/academics/middle-school/mindful-hall-middle-school-mindfulness.