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Freedom from Chemical Dependency

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm
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Robinson Center Lecture Hall

2020 Featured Speaker: George Brown (Title: Prevention Specialist)

George Brown holds a B.A. from Queens College, an M.B.A. from State University of New York at Binghamton, and a Certificate in Dispute Resolution from Cornell University. He was an elementary school teacher for the City of New York, and co-founded a firm which provided training in conflict resolution, diversity, team building, peer leadership, and character development for grades 3-12. He started at FCD in 2006.

Topics to be addressed: 

● Effective ways to communicate with your child about drugs and alcohol 

● Up to date facts about current drug use and trends 

● What to say and not say about your own use of alcohol use and drug experimentation 

● How to spot early warning signs of use and effective ways to respond 

Parent involvement is crucial in our efforts to reduce the risks teenagers face. Leading a healthy lifestyle is the easiest way to be the best version of ourselves, and we want to equip our students with the knowledge and skills to reach their potential.

As part of our commitment to student wellness, we have once again invited Freedom from Chemical Dependency (FCD)- Prevention Works to work with our ninth and eleventh grade students. A part of the Betty Ford Foundation, FCD is a non-profit organization that provides substance use and prevention services to schools worldwide. 

In the Upper School, we offer the FCD program to our students every other year to ensure that they have information at critical times in their high school development--both when they enter the school and before they become drivers and again as they become Upper Classmen and are more focused on future goals. Our current tenth grade students will work again with FCD as juniors, and our seniors will have the opportunity to review their knowledge of substance abuse and prevention on our Senior Program day held in March (conference day), along with a program on healthy relationships from Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands and SASS Self Defence for the Senior girls. 

George Brown will be our prevention specialist this year, and he will be presenting to students in small groups from Tuesday-Friday, January 14-17, 2020. Our presentation for parents will take place on Wednesday evening, January 15, from 6:30-8, in the Robinson Center Lecture Hall. 

The mission of FCD is to: 

● Promote awareness of addiction, including alcoholism, as a progressive, chronic, and often fatal disease. 

● Empower young people to make healthy, responsible choices regarding alcohol and other drugs. 

● Educate students, parents, and teachers on the physiological and psychological effects of drug and alcohol abuse. 

● Teach students and adults to recognize and respond to the early signs of substance abuse. 

● Encourage and support the non-use of alcohol and other illegal or illicit drugs during the growing years. 

FCD prevention specialists are highly trained professionals who themselves are in healthy recovery from alcohol or other drug addictions. This unique perspective enhances the credibility of their message and provides students with role models for happy, healthy, drug-free living.