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Creating a unique learning environment like Heathwood's takes considerable investment. Like all strong independent schools, Heathwood cannot make this investment alone. It's because you give to the annual fund that the value of a Heathwood education significantly transcends what our families pay for that education. 

Participation by all community members is essential, and every gift in any size makes a difference in students' lives. In fact, Heathwood's participation numbers are a key indicator of the health of the school. High participation is a vote of confidence to members of the Heathwood community, a vote of confidence to foundations, prospective families, and job candidates, and increases the likelihood of raising more money from grants and corporate gifts. The only gift too small is no gift at all. 

2019-20 Annual Fund Honor Roll of Giving


Here are some ways in which the Annual Fund has supported our students in the past.

Early Childhood and Lower School:

  • Allowed for all ages of Early Childhood students to take part in related arts and activities including music, visual art, Spanish, library, and physical education
  • Added a Spanish supplemental curriculum
  • Supplied the new two-year-old room with furniture and other supplies (manipulatives, dolls, play kitchen supplies, etc.)

Middle School:

  • Allowed students to participate in regional and national competitions including Spelling Bee, Robotics, and Mock Trial
  • Was used to purchase a class set of all 20 SC Book nominees for each English teacher
  • Provided support for the visiting authors program

Upper School:

  • Supported Mock Trial - Heathwood went on to be the only independent school to advance to State competition, with two students representing us nationally
  • Provided funds to hire two part-time teachers: yoga and government
  • Allowed for upgraded physical space in the Robinson Center, adding more student workspace and seating

All School:

  • Provided new technology to keep our classrooms current and to evolve our use of technology in teaching and learning
  • Supported professional development for our teachers and coaches
  • Supplied funds for an Assistant Athletic Trainer for all sports
  • Purchased a new school bus

For more information about Annual Giving at Heathwood Hall, contact Erin Pope at 803-231-7717 or


Is 100% participation really that important?

Yes! High participation in the Annual Fund helps Heathwood meet overall financial goals. Regardless of the amount of the gift, your contribution to the Annual Fund makes a powerful statement to foundations and outside donors who view participation from the school community as one measure of Heathwood’s overall strength. When parents make a gift to the Annual Fund, they demonstrate trust and loyalty to the school.

Is it worth it to give a small gift?

Yes! Gifts of $100 or less to last year’s Annual Fund totaled more than $21,000. The only gift that is too small is no gift at all.

What is the 1951 Society?

Even as we welcome every gift in any amount, we depend on leadership gifts to play a vital role in Annual Fund growth. The 1951 Society, named in honor of the year Heathwood Hall was founded, recognizes the commitment of donors who contribute $1,951 or more to the Annual Fund during the fiscal year.

How do I make a donation?

Giving is easy. Make your gift online with a credit card, or mail a check marked Annual Fund to Heathwood Hall, 3000 S Beltline Boulevard, Columbia, SC, 29201. Or, drop your check off with the school receptionist or the Development Office.

Be sure to ask your employer about corporate matching gifts; you could double the impact of your gift! If your contribution is matched, you will be recognized for the value of your gift plus any match. Parents can also consider a transfer of securities - gifts of stock, real estate and other personal property may net an income tax deduction for full fair market value.

Why do I have to give when I pay tuition?

Like all independent schools, at Heathwood there is a gap between tuition and what it actually costs to educate each student. The school relies on the Annual Fund, income from our endowment, and other contributions to sustain the level of educational excellence our families expect from us. Gifts to the Annual Fund facilitate accessibility, enabling Heathwood to attract the best faculty, and support a diverse and talented student population.

Augmenting tuition through charitable gifts helps keep tuition at a competitive rate. Furthermore, it allows contributors to take advantage of valuable tax deductions they would not otherwise realize if the gap were simply included as a part of our annual tuition. Plus, if tuition were simply raised to cover this cost, the burden of higher tuition would fully impact current parents. Instead, current parents, past parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends all contribute to bridge the gap.

How are gifts to the Annual Fund used?

The Annual Fund supports all aspects of Heathwood Hall.

Heathwood’s signature academic programs, coupled with our student-centric approach across every division, create a learning process and environment that is both dynamic and collaborative. 

Experiential Learning
Our immersive educational experience brings lessons to life through hands-on learning inside our gates and in the world far beyond.  Students learn actively and gain astute self-awareness and confidence in the process. 

Thoughtful integration of state-of –the art technology complemented by professional development, enhances teaching and deepens learning at every grade level. 

Physical education and organized athletics offer important opportunities to teach fitness, teamwork, self-discipline and individual excellence, promoting for each student a healthy mind, body and spirit. 

Through opportunities in dance, visual arts, drama, instrumental music and chorus, woven into the fabric of the academic curriculum, students from age 3 to 12th grade explore and discover their own creative gifts, the arts enhancing their learning and their lives.