Hands-on Learning: 2nd Graders Calculate Depth and Temperature of Heathwood Pond

Friday, November 3, 2017

Our HHES second graders, along with their friends, families, teachers, and the PEAK team have spent several beautiful Fall mornings surveying our pond for depth and temperature. 

Each class spent time learning about depth and temperature measurements and how these measurements are taken by scientists out at sea.  To bring things closer to home, they practiced taking and recording these same measurements on land before venturing out in canoes.  Once in a canoe, most often piloted by a fearless parent, they dropped a weighted tape measure line over the side of the boat for depth and used an electronic thermometer for temperature.  The children navigated to specific locations in the water based on their teammates waving flags on the perimeter of the pond:  one for the x-axis and the other for the y-axis.  You could hear them shout measurements from anywhere on campus since they were broadcasting numbers to their other teammates on land who would record the numbers on a large map.  At the end of their adventures, we celebrated in the most splendid scientific way possible:  over coffee and donuts with their proud friends and family. 

What a wonderful way to take advantage of our campus . . . this is why HHES!