On Heathwood: 2016 Year in Review

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

In this issue of The Highlander, we’re celebrating notable Heathwood stories from 2016 by reprinting some of our favorites among the Highlander articles that ran in the last 12 months.

Picking just the baker’s dozen of stories we had room for here proved harder than expected, and trying to narrow down our original long list of great Heathwood news stories reminded me all over again that 2016 was an incredible year. The stories you’ll find here are really just a quick and incomplete snapshot of a year filled with positive energy and momentum that’s left me energized and even more excited about what will come next.

As I reflect on what I’d consider our community’s greatest achievements in the last year, I’m also realizing that part of the challenge of celebrating 2016 in a “Year in Review” publication like this one is that sometimes the most meaningful accomplishments are not the ones that lend themselves to being written up as news stories. For example, the upswing in energy and school spirit on campus over the past 12 months is palpable and contagious—but how do you capture that in a newsletter article? Our enrollment is up, as is parent participation in the Annual Fund, which now stands at 67%. Those are all signs of a healthy, thriving school, but they’re not the stories we’re most focused on telling in The Highlander, which is primarily focused on celebrating student and faculty success and capturing the flavor of daily life on campus.

You also won’t find much athletics news here, despite the fact that 2016 was a very good year for Highlander student athletes. That’s because our sports highlights were very ably captured by Sports Information Director Andrew Richardson in his year-end roundup. If you haven’t read it yet, you can do so here

What you will find here, however, is a record of many of the hallmarks of a Heathwood Hall education, including:

  • Students pursuing and achieving excellence
  • Innovative opportunities for experiential learning
  • Enhancement of our programs and facilities
  • A strong commitment to service to others
  • Excellence in academics and the fine arts

Whether it was in Trebuchet, or the state thespian contest, or the Turkey Trot, or their AP Exams, our students’ accomplishments in 2016 have set the bar very high. But I am confident that great things lie ahead for the Heathwood community in 2017 as well, and that 12 months from now, we’ll be equally proud as we reflect back on the year that has just now begun.


Happy reading, and Happy New Year!