Heathwood Hosts Wilderness First Aid Class

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

If your hiking partner broke her arm or sprained her ankle while the two of you were deep in the middle of the woods, would you know what to do? Heathwood students and other members of the Midlands community recently had a chance to find out.

The PEAK Program for Leadership, Education and Adventure at Heathwood Hall hosted a Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course on campus January 28-29. Twenty-four individuals completed the 2-day course, including seven Heathwood students.

Wilderness first aid offers instruction and hands-on learning opportunity in dealing with individuals who encounter medical emergencies in locations that delay definitive care. In such cases, victims become patients who require immediate first aid as well as long term care. WFA students are first taught to evaluate an accident scene, then assess patients by providing a thorough head-to-toe exam, determining the extent of trauma. Students then learn to manage care for specific conditions, record sets of vital information, and determine a plan for treatment, and evacuation if necessary.

The PEAK program hosts a Wilderness First Aid course during January each year. If you spend time in remote locations, along or with groups of people, you may want to consider gaining a 2-year certification in Wilderness First Aid. Contact the PEAK staff for more information.