Heathwood Scholars Application and Selection

Students interested in applying to the Heathwood Scholars Program must complete the following steps:

1) Notify Suzanne Nagy, Director of Enrollment Management, of your interest in the Heathwood Scholar’s program. Mrs. Nagy will verify that you meet the eligibility requirement for test scores, sign the application and provide you with the full application packet. Students awaiting PSAT results may pick up an application at any time; however eligibility will be verified once test scores are received.

2) Complete the internal application to the Heathwood Scholars Program. Application must include verification from Suzanne Nagy, Director of Enrollment Management, that you are academically eligible to apply based on prior years standardized test scores or current year PSAT scores. 

3) Provide two Heathwood Hall teacher recommendation forms to math and English teachers and one supplemental teacher recommendation form to the teacher of your choice. Teachers from the previous year or current year may complete the recommendation forms. Please note that current year teachers should not be given forms until after October 16, 2021. Teachers should return forms directly to the Admission Office.

4) Complete and submit the supplemental essays to the Admission Office.

5) Submit a copy of your first semester transcript to the Admission office.

6) Schedule an interview with the selection committee by contacting Suzanne Nagy in the admission office.

Deadline for applications and interviews is March 1, 2021.