Heathwood Tennis Courts to be Rebuilt before Fall Tennis Season

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Heathwood is excited to announce that, thanks to the support of a number of generous donors, we will soon begin work rebuilding our tennis courts. The six new courts will be completed over the summer, and will be ready for use by the time the girls’ tennis season begins in the fall.

The school’s existing courts, which are more than 25 years old, have deteriorated and are currently not safe to use. Heathwood’s tennis teams have been playing at the nearby Cayce Tennis Center, which has excellent facilities. But, say coaches and current and former players, having good courts on campus will make a huge difference in the tennis experience at Heathwood.

Current parent and former Heathwood tennis player Wade Mullins, ’86, was on the team when the existing courts first opened and says being able to play on campus was “a completely different feeling” after playing off-site his first few years. “Our team pride and our school pride both increased significantly, because we felt like a more integral part of the Heathwood community,” he says.

Athletics administrator Sarah Roth, who coached Heathwood tennis for 10 years, agrees that having courts on campus brings more attention to the tennis program and adds that she’s excited about the opportunity to add tennis instruction back into the P.E. program. “It’s a lifelong sport, and over the years I’ve watched it become a passion for many of our students.”

Work on the new courts is scheduled to begin in April and expected to be complete in July. Instead of the current 4-court/2-court footprint, the new tennis center will feature two adjacent sets of 3 courts. The new courts will occupy the same space as the current ones.

“I am looking forward to students being able to practice tennis within walking distance from their classrooms,” says Heathwood Head of School Chris Hinchey. “Having courts on campus will allow students to pursue their passions in front of their mentors, advisors, teachers, and friends. I am also eager for the opportunities that on-campus tennis courts will provide to our summer programs, Heathwood Plus, and our tennis-playing families in the off-hours.”