Heathwood Yearbook: Bigger, Bolder ... and Top Secret!

Friday, October 30, 2015

If you had to compile at least 8,000 pictures of life at Heathwood, where would you start? That’s just one of the challenges facing this year’s yearbook staff, headed up by editor Sarah Buchanan, co-editor Isabella Antonetti, and faculty advisor Cindy Scannella. And the hard part, according to Isabella, isn’t finding 8,000 Kodak-worthy moments, it’s that “there are so many great things going on at Heathwood that it’s hard to pick what goes in the yearbook and what doesn’t.”

Fitting everything into this year’s book should in theory be easier this time around, because the editors got permission to make it 40 pages longer than usual. But they’ve also set some ambitious goals that are likely to eat up those 40 pages and then some:

  • Provide more coverage of signature programs that make Heathwood unique, such as SEED, PEAK, our foreign exchange program, and Winterim
  • Shine more of a spotlight on the Lower School and ECLC, so the yearbook truly captures the Heathwood experience for students of all ages
  • Have at least three pictures of every Heathwood student in the yearbook

And the most exciting thing about this year’s book, say the editors, is the theme, which is, alas, top secret … and good luck getting it out of them. Oh, and the cover, which is significantly upgraded. And the layout, which is completely different from last year’s.

In case you can’t tell already, the really distinctive feature of this year’s yearbook is the energy with which the editors and their staff are attacking it. That energy started when Sarah, Isabella, and Mrs. Scannella attended Jostens’ yearbook conference in Hilton Head last June. “When we got there,” Mrs. Scannella says, “everyone was grabbing huge stacks of yearbooks and hauling them up to their rooms, so we did the same. The girls went through 30-40 yearbooks in a matter of hours and put stickies on everything they liked. They were so enthusiastic I had to tell them to stop and go to bed. That’s when I knew we were off to a good start.”

Seeing so many other yearbooks at once, says Sarah, was an eye-opening experience. “Finding out all the different things that can be done with a yearbook really drew me in. The conference also really helped us to get organized, which was a challenge at first but has made everything go much more smoothly ever since.”

That’s good, because for Sarah and Isabella, editing the yearbook is just one of many commitments. Sarah also plays basketball and soccer for Heathwood and is a member of Service Angels, while Isabella is on the volleyball team, in the yoga club, and active in drama, and both girls are members of the National Honor Society, the Science Club, and the Book Club. But both girls see their editorial responsibilities as great pre-professional development. ”I’m interested in the humanities,” says Isabella, “and writing for the yearbook is so different from the kind of academic writing we do in the classroom that I feel like it’s really stretching my capabilities.” The organizational skills they’ve gained mapping out an entire book, adds Sarah, “are good training for whatever we want to do in life.”

Aided by a talented staff and by a cadre of teachers like Mrs. Scannella, Bill Cherry, and Scotty Peek who regularly take photos around campus, the editors are hard at work on page layouts, information gathering, and photo archives. “We want to have 3000 pictures in the yearbook,” says Isabella, “so if we take 8000 photos, we’ll have a great selection to choose from.” By comparison, last year’s book had about 1000 pictures. “We’ve learned that it takes a lot of people to capture everything that goes on here,” says Sarah.

“Our goal,” says Mrs. Scannella,”can best be summed up by saying we want to produce a yearbook that matches the quality of the Heathwood experience.”

Yearbooks are on sale now—order yours today! The cost is $80 and there are two ways to order: either send a check to school made out to Heathwood Hall, or order online from Jostens at Jostens.com.