Heathwood Yearbook Wins Multiple SCISA Awards

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Heathwood’s 2015-16 yearbook was the clear standout in this year’s SCISAcompetition, winning three of five categories and receiving honorable mention in a fourth.

The ambitious approach of this year’s editors, who held the book to consistently high standards and greatly expanded coverage of programs, events, and experiences all across campus, was validated with SCISA awards for Best Photography, Best Copywriting, and the Best All Around Yearbook, as well as an honorable mention for Layout and Design.

Editor Sarah Buchanan and Co-editor Isabella Antonetti “really upped the ante,” says Yearbook Advisor Cindy Scannella. “They had high standards and stuck to them. And I loved that they were really committed to telling the whole story of Heathwood, across all divisions and programs. So many parents have told me that the book really captures the overall spirit and essence of Heathwood, and for us, that’s the real measure of its success.”

For Sarah, the awards are recognition of “the amount of effort and time the whole staff put in, starting from the summer.”

Isabella adds that “the awards mean a lot in terms of validating all the work we put into the yearbook. But even more important was the reaction we’ve gotten from students, teachers, and parents.”

One of the most notable features of this year’s book—an index listing each student and all the pages where their pictures can be found—was also among the most challenging. “We had no template for that,” says Mrs. Scannella. “But they figured out how to make it happen.”

Isabella, who will take over from Sarah as editor-in-chief next year, says the experience of setting the bar high for this year’s book “tought me how to work with people and maintain high quality.”

Sarah, who is graduating and has spent three years on the yearbook staff, says all the hours she has logged taking pictures, writing copy, creating layouts, and reviewing her staff’s work have been more than worthwhile. “I feel very willing to put that amount of time into a project like this—there’s so much value in celebrating our school.”