Highlander Profile: Meet Librarian Nancy Reeder

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Have you ever seen a little red Miata cruising leisurely down Heathwood road? Well, if you’ve ever wondered about that tiny red sports car, then all your questions are about to be answered! The driver is none other than Mrs. Nancy Reeder, one of our most cherished librarians, who has been driving to Heathwood every morning for forty-three years.

Mrs. Reeder first arrived in the fall of 1972 at a much different Heathwood. Back then, it was a small neighborhood school that only went to the seventh grade. When asked about some of the biggest changes our school has seen, she immediately remembered the buildings of our campus, which have evolved tremendously through the generosity of those who love Heathwood. She also stated that Heathwood has grown through its abundance of new, talented students and faculty that make it even better than before.

Mrs. Reeder often finds herself surrounded by successful alumni: her real estate agent, her husband’s cardiologist’s wife, and her doctor’s children are all alumni, proving that Heathwood students go on to do great things in the community. With the addition of national recognition, various sports teams, and a gifted drama department, she said, Heathwood has evolved in impressive ways: “It’s just so much better.”

Raised in Lawrence, a small town in South Carolina, Mrs. Reeder remembers walking to the library with her mother and meeting the inspiring children’s librarian who would later encourage her to pursue the same profession. It is clear that she has always had a love for reading. One of her favorite books when she was younger was The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which greatly differs from her current taste for murder mysteries.

Mrs. Reeder has witnessed Heathwood in various lights, as it has encountered a flood over twenty years ago and this past October’s almost-flood. Through all of these challenges, she and her library have persevered. She remembers the days of card cataloging and the “thank goodness” feeling that has come from the helpful automation of the library system “because it makes it a whole lot easier for students and for me.”

Lynn Cooper, the current 9th grade English teacher, knew Mrs. Reeder as a student, and recalls that she had a “firm disciplinary approach for the library but you knew it was because she wanted you to respect the space.” The library would definitely not be the same without her.

Besides gracefully completing the task of running the library, Mrs. Reeder also loves to engage in many other activities, including gardening (but only the vegetable variety), sewing, traveling, and of course, reading. However, there was one other thing that she forgot to mention; luckily, her colleague Mrs. Falvey, the lower school librarian, informed us that Mrs. Reeder also loves to fly fish! She also divulged that they “surprise each other all the time.”

And about that red Miata, it was a product of her husband’s midlife crisis; however, when his hips needed surgery, Mrs. Reeder temporarily took it off of his hands- and ended up never giving it back.