Linda Rogers and Sharon Savoca Honored with Hickman Awards

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Heathwood parents Linda Rogers and Sharon Savoca are this year’s recipients of the Hickman Award.

Named for Steve Hickman, Heathwood’s seventh head of school and his wife, Mary, who were committed to Heathwood Hall and gave tirelessly to our warm school community, the Hickman Award is given to a member of the Heathwood parent body who demonstrates “selfless commitment, consistent involvement over a period of years, and a willingness to serve in ways that enhance the daily life of the community.”

Head of School Chris Hinchey calls Mrs. Rogers’ service to the school “exemplary,” noting that “She served on the Board for six years and during that time she served diligently on the audit and marketing committees.  It is typical of her humility that she believes she has no sense of finance or accounting.  She also served on Heathwood’s PSA, and indicative of her time at the school, that organization has gone through two name changes since their family’s arrival.   She has assisted in the admissions office and been a quiet supporter of faculty by providing assistance during the flood.”

Mrs. Rogers also played a key role in strengthening two aspects of Heathwood’s Winterim program—internships and local education. “Her collaboration with Stan Wood, Cindy Scannella, George Scouten, and me, led to the development of a greater pool of possible internships for our Upper School students,” says Chris Hinchey, “and her idea about local group experiences that educated students about ‘how’ non-profits both work and function improved and deepened our Winterim offerings.”

Like Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Savoca has been a Heathwood parent for almost two decades. Mr. Hinchey calls her service to the school “humbling.”

“She has served selflessly on Heathwood’s parent organization throughout her daughters’ many years at Heathwood,” Hinchey says. “If you are looking for her, she can be found effortlessly organizing and hosting a Coffee with Chris or Java with George or hosting Advisory get-togethers for parents and advisors.  Three years ago she hosted Heathwood’s Back-To-School Get Acquainted Party, and she is one of the go-to parents when preparing healthy holiday smoothies for Upper School staff.  If there was an event on campus the last three years, she was there! She shepherded Heathwood Hall’s PSA, though three different iterations: PSA toSTEP to Heathwood Parents’ Association.  She has served diligently as both a tennis and soccer team mom and she even helped chaperone the Morocco trip this year.”

All of that said, Hinchey notes, Mrs. Savoca “is undoubtedly most famous for her triple chocolate Bundt cakes that she frequently makes and delivers to faculty and staff for events.  I believe that the appearance of her cake at an event is an indicator of the event’s importance to the institution.”

Of both award recipients, whose youngest children were members of the Class of 2016, Hinchey says, “We will miss their presence at so many events, and their gratitude to others serves as a reminder of what makes Heathwood Hall such a special school.”