Middle School Art Students Embrace Technology to Explore Color

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Art and technology are sometimes viewed as being on opposite ends of the academic spectrum. But in Brian Rego’s 7th and 8th grade art classes, students are embracing technology to enhance their understanding of art.

Using an app on their iPads, the students are creating color studies that allow them to explore how to overlap two colors. After creating several color studies, they select one and apply it to a drawing.

“The results,” Mr. Rego says, “have been really interesting.” The students have applied the colors they selected through the app to portraits they drew of each other. The goal is not so much verisimilitude as harmony of color and visual interest.


That’s in keeping with the overall philosophy in Middle School art at Heathwood. While student work is displayed on a rotating basis in the Middle School stairwell, Mr. Rego says he’d rather students push themselves creatively and get comfortable taking risks than strive to produce technically perfect work. “I don’t want students to get in the mindset of producing to exhibit,” he explains. “The process is more important than the product. Being willing to take risks and not being afraid to fail is what ultimately leads to better work.”