Middle School Career Day Invites Exploration of Many Options

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The interests, talents, and passions you have now can lead to a rewarding and fulfilling career in the future.

That was one of the recurring themes when 19 professionals across many fields visited the Middle School today for its 2021 Career Day. In sessions throughout the morning, the speakers shared with students how they found their vocation, what kind of training it took, and what their day-to-day work experience is like.

In many cases, the presenters discovered the aptitudes and interests that put them on their career paths while they were quite young. Attorney and Heathwood alumnus Kirby Shealy ’89 showed students a writing assignment he completed in Mrs. Lamar’s 2nd grade class in which he announced his intention to become a lawyer when he grew up, while architect and alumna Asheley Scott St. John ’98 recalled that when she was at Heathwood, her father noted her talents in both drawing and math and suggested a career in architecture might be a good fit. For newscaster Samantha German, an assignment in a 12th grade English class at Porter Gaud helped her find her passion for telling other people’s stories.

Your academic strengths and interests aren’t the only things that can guide your vocational decisions, several presenters pointed out. Shealy, for example, enjoys the practice of law because each new case gives him a chance to learn more about the various professions of his clients. “A legal career is a great fit for a naturally curious person who wants to keep learning,” he said.

Each student was able to attend sessions with four different speakers, after which they were given time to reflect on what they learned about their professional options.

“There is a great deal of research that has identified Middle School as a time when students can gain the most benefit from career exploration,” said Middle School Counselor Stacy Gross, who organized Career Day, “so we love to take advantage of this window of opportunity. Our Career Day is designed for students to learn about careers that they may be interested in, but also to expand their thought processes to consider career and educational opportunities that may not have previously occurred to them.”


Thank you to all of this year’s Career Day speakers:

  • Kirby Shealy ’89 – Attorney
  • Asheley Scott St. John ‘98 – Architect
  • Andrew Wagoner ’07 – Head Instructor, Martial Arts
  • Carter Seibels ’98 – Entrepreneur
  • Lindsay Crawford ’07 – Attorney
  • Kiaya Demonbreun ’10 – LPC Associate
  • Nate Terracio ’93 – Director, Koger Center for the Arts
  • Stephanie Sox ’00 – Registered Nurse, Practice Administrator
  • Nellie Crawford – HR/Training
  • Samantha German – News Anchor
  • Mike Uva – Sports Reporter
  • John Thomas – Veterinarian
  • Etty Griffin – Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Reghan Timmons – Adoption Specialist, DSS
  • Joe Pope – Peace Corps, Teacher, Realtor
  • Maryanne Belser – Marketing and Communications
  • Sam Slater – PRISMA Health Coach
  • Kristin Morris – Marketing/Communications Director
  • Ashley Warthen – Richland Library Art Coordinator