Mindful in the Hall: Middle School Hey Day Builds Happiness, Confidence, Community

Thursday, October 4, 2018

How does your day feel different if you go through as much of it as possible with a smile on your face? That’s what Heathwood’s Middle Schoolers did on October 3rd, their second annual Hey Day.

Launched as part of the Middle School’s Mindful in the Hall program, Hey Day celebrates the power of a smile to create positive feelings and stronger connections.

“When everyone is smiling, there’s a friendly atmosphere that creates opportunities for everyone to have exchanges with people they might not usually talk to,” said Middle School Head Suzanne Nagy.

The simple act of smiling has also been shown to improve your mood, so Hey Day also helps students experience what it feels like to make a positive mind-body connection. “You can decide to be happy even when your day may not be going the way you hoped it would,” said Mrs. Nagy. “And smiling is a great way to make yourself happier.”

Better yet, smiling is contagious. “When you smile at the people around you, your pleasantness can improve their day too,” Mrs. Nagy notes.

Hey Day is one of many opportunities the Middle School’s Mindful in the Hall offers students to develop mental habits that help them be calm, focused, and confident in school and in life.

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