Mindful in the Hall: Mix It Up Day Expands Horizons

Thursday, November 16, 2017

On Halloween, students were invited to “mix up” their lunch tables and sit with someone they might not know as well. Each student was given a colored Jolly Rancher candy and invited to sit at a table with a corresponding colored table cloth. Conversation starters were on the table, and students were encouraged to talk with someone they might not know well.

For 8th grader Lily Hanna, it was a chance to make new friends. “I sat with people I usually don’t sit with. They were very nice. There was no tension. It felt different. The best part was talking about the conversation starters. You might expect one answer, but he gave another! It was hilarious… it made my day.”

7th grader Max Hagood, who's new to Heathwood this year, said, “I liked meeting new people and doing something different. When you go to a new school, there are so many different people, so you just have to go for it!”

Teachers mixed it up as well. This exercise tied in nicely with our mindfulness initiative in Middle School to appreciate yourself, find similarities with others, and to always show kindness to those in your community.