Multi-Lingual Chapel Day Celebrates a Diverse Faith Tradition

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Christian faith spans all continents, multiple cultures, and multiple languages. In Heathwood’s annual multi-lingual chapel services, students and faculty celebrate that rich and diverse faith experience in a variety of ways.

This year’s Multi-Lingual Chapel day was April 18. Students in each division celebrated in different ways, but each service had strong multi-lingual components. In Early Childhood Chapel, for example, students listened to the Lord’s Prayer being recited in Spanish and watched the blowing of the Shofar, a horn that’s part of Jewish services; while in Upper School Chapel, students followed along in English as Bible verses were read in Chinese, German, Dutch, and Romanian; heard the Creed in Latin and the Collect and Blessing in French; and sang a Mexican folk song in Spanish.

Upper School students who spoke in various languages during the service included Jim Xue, Julia Lauterbach, Coleman Couick, Alex Cox, Isabelle Lord, and William Bowers. Latin students collectively recited the creed while Spanish students led the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer. Paris Tomlin, Olivia Hampton, Jim Xue, Ray Wang, DQ Jospeh, and Lucia Aguirre all shared reflections about their multicultural experiences during Heathwood’s Upper School Winterim week.

Heathwood Chaplain Raven Tarpley said these services reflect some of the most abiding tenets of the Christian faith: "Our yearly Multi-Lingual Chapels remind me of how important it is to recognize and celebrate our differences while at the same time acknowledging how much we have in common."