Near, Far, Big, Small, and Everything in Between: Class of 2019 Makes College Decisions

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

After being admitted to over 100 colleges, the members of Heathwood’s Class of 2019 have made their decisions, selecting what College Counselor Mary Beth Fry calls “a diverse and exciting list” of schools.

Heading as close to home as the University of South Carolina and as far away as the University of Washington; choosing schools as large as Arizona State and as small as Columbia College; opting for perennial Heathwood favorites like Clemson, the University of Virginia, Furman, and Tulane, as well as less conventional choices like the University of California at San Diego, Smith College, the New School, and Southern Methodist University, Heathwood’s 2019 graduates took to heart the College Counseling Office’s advice to focus first and foremost on finding the school that feels like the best fit. 

“In the United States, we are blessed to have a higher ed system that caters to almost every type of learner that there is,” says Ms. Fry, “and while some of those idiosyncrasies have contributed to the ever-growing, anxiety-inducing hype around selectivity, those differences are the very thing that make our post-secondary institutions the continued envy of the world.”

Fast Facts

The Class of 2019 will attend schools in 18 states. 

54% will attend out-of-state schools.

16% will play a sport at the collegiate level.

83% are eligible for a South Carolina Scholarship (Palmetto Fellows—18%, Life Scholarship—58%, Hope Scholarship—7%).

Overall, the Class of 2019 had a 72% admit rate at a list of schools that included some of the most selective in the nation.

Schools to which Heathwood students were admitted this year include:

--Bowdoin College

--Carleton College

--Clemson Honors

--Cornell University

--Franklin & Marshall College

--University of Georgia Honors

--George Washington University

--Haverford College

--Howard University

--University of Pennsylvania

--Sarah Lawrence College

--Syracuse University

--Tulane University

--University of South Carolina Honors

--Wake Forest University

--The College of William & Mary