New Faculty Spotlight: Elizabeth Grove, '95

Monday, September 10, 2018


We're excited about all the talented new teachers who have joined Heathwood's faculty this year and will be profiling each of them in the weeks to come. 

After attending Heathwood as a "lifer," Elizabeth Grove is now returning to serve as Upper School Counselor and as an associate in the PEAK Program for outdoor education, leadership, and adventure.  She holds a B.A. from Clemson and an Ed.S. in Counseling from the University of South Carolina and is returning to counseling following a successful career in the equestrian world, which includes seventeen years of experience working with adolescents and young adults.


1)How many years have you been at Heathwood? 

 I was a student at Heathwood for 15 years. This is my first year as the US Counselor and PEAK Associate. I did help out part time with PEAK last Spring and over the Summer and had a great time getting to know students. 


2)Since you are an alum, how has your experience been coming back to Heathwood as a counselor?

Amazing! Heathwood was a wonderful school when I was a student, but it is even better now. 
The students here have so many opportunities that are unique to HH: PEAK, Winterim, Senior Exhibitions, a vast campus with many opportunities to get outside and learn from the environment, an indoor and outdoor chapel, and the sense of community we get from that quiet prayer time as a group.


3)What’s been your favorite thing about Heathwood so far?

The energy among the faculty. Everyone is here is truly passionate about teaching children, and their love for this community is obvious. It is equally as awesome to see students who want to learn when they come to school each day. The students are interested, polite, unique and fun to be with.


4) What do you enjoy most about counseling?

Providing each student with a place where he/she can be heard and not judged. It can be scary to share your thoughts and feelings during a time in your life when it feels as if all eyes are on you. It would be a shame for someone's light not shine because one doesn't feel worthy to share his/her gifts.   


5) What is your favorite book?

Pillars of the Earth


6) What is your favorite inspirational quote?

If you trust you don't worry. If you worry your don't trust.


7) What is a fun fact about you that people would be interested or surprised to know?

 I was once chased out of a camp site by a bear.


8)What is your biggest regret in life so far?

Not spending a semester of college in France when I had the opportunity. I believe the best way to learn a language it to immerse yourself into the culture. I took French throughout high school and college, but I have never spent time in France. My French speaking skills have left me and that is a shame.