The Outspoken Leader Podcast

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."

~ John F. Kennedy

The Studies in Leadership and Applied Journalism course at Heathwood provides a comprehensive study of leadership and instruction in journalistic skills resulting in the production of podcasts published in the Outspoken Leader series.  Students in this honors-level course conduct interviews with notable leaders, both locally and nationally.  Each episode is the result of student-led production teams.

Season 1: 2018-19: Nico Adamo, ‘21,   Jackson Avery, ‘19,   Van Clarke, ‘21,   Alex Couick, ‘20 and  Luke Gabel, ‘20

Original music composed by James McConnell, ‘19



Mr. Marcus Lattimore

In this episode of The Outspoken Leader, we sit down with Marcus Lattimore--a standout football player at the University of South Carolina and first-round draft pick for the San Francisco 49s. After his career was cut short by a series of devastating injuries, Lattimore coached at Heathwood Hall before becoming the Director of Player Development at the University of South Carolina. Lattimore chatted with us about his experiences regarding leadership in a team setting.

Mr. Craig Melvin

Today we live in an era of media saturation, including a 24-hour news cycle and the emergence of “fake news.” While many people still see the news as the center of our democratic institutions, others now see it as undermining those same democratic values. In this episode we talked to Craig Melvin, who rose through the ranks of local news to become the anchor for NBC’s Today. We discuss the role of a journalist in the modern world and, most importantly, address if journalists can be effective leaders.


Lt. General George Flynn

Retired General George Flynn joined us to discuss his leadership  role within the Marine Corps. He directed multinational operations in Iraq to liberate cities from Al-Qaeda, leading combat operations and directly supervising more than 50,000 service members and civilians. Since Gen. Flynn retired, he has given several speeches about leadership to corporations and inspired leadership savant Simon Sinek. In this episode, he draws upon his experiences to explain how one grows and develops as a leader.




Mrs. Janet Hill

Statistics show that women and minorities are less likely to be promoted into leadership roles, for no other reason than their gender or race. In this episode we talk to Janet Hill, an African-American woman who grew up in the heart of the Civil Rights movement and has since gone on to shatter every glass ceiling she’s encountered. Mrs. Hill was the first African-American student at Wellesley College, later becoming a mathematician working in communications to spy on Soviet submarines. After her time in the Pentagon, Ms. Hill moved to the heart of DC where she worked for the Secretary of the Army, and went on to mentor former First Lady Michelle Obama. She helped us answer the question: How does one overcome adversity in leadership roles?


Congressman Mark Sanford

In this episode of The Outspoken Leader, we talked with Republican Mark Sanford, former Governor of South Carolina who bounced back from his own scandal to serve in the United States Congress. A voice of conservative ideals he stood up to President Trump, ultimately sacrificing his seat in the process  Sanford talks about what he’s learned in the political arena, you’ll learn about what it takes to develop that set of core principles and how to use them effectively to inspire change in your community.