Rainey Scholars Eligibility Requirements

Who are Rainey Scholars?

Academically exceptional, well-rounded students who are poised to lead and inspire others. To be eligible for a Rainey Scholarship, students must meet the following criteria:

Intellectually curious students who have excelled on standardized test scores and academic course work.  

A critical component of a Rainey Scholar is the individual’s ability in and dedication to an athletic pursuit. The serious pursuit of athletics is an expectation of Rainey Scholars because it is one major avenue that fosters the drive, commitment, dedication, and success the school hopes these young people will demonstrate for the rest of their lives. Applicants must participate at a high level in at least one sport.  Participation may be through a school sponsored team or another high-level organized athletic activity outside of school.

Rainey Scholar applicants must demonstrate an interest in issues and problems of the community and world with a corresponding service ethic and desire to create real, workable solutions.  Students must be engaged in active volunteerism with a non-profit organization.

Whether in the classroom or as a leader of a team, club, or activity Rainey Scholars must have the potential to serve as catalysts for other students. Their potential for leadership at Heathwood Hall could affect many aspects of school life as well as community relationships.  Potential for leadership will be evaluated based on current activities and teacher recommendations.