Ready, Set, Go ... Straight to Middle School!

Monday, July 30, 2018

A new building, new schedules, new teachers … the transition to middle school can seem like a lot to take in. But for the students in 5th grade lead teacher Lynn Cooper’s Flow Into 5th Camp, everything about the middle school experience should feel a lot more familiar.

Over the course of five days in late July, Mrs. Cooper took her rising-5th-grade campers through a wide array of topics that will help them prepare for 5th grade in particular and middle school more generally. From critical skills like grammar and close reading, to smart strategies for time management and studying for tests, to the logistics of getting around campus for electives and extracurriculars, to key aspects of the Heathwood middle school experience like the Mindfulness program and the Honor Code—the camp covered it all. Students even had the option to let Mrs. Cooper review the paragraphs they’d drafted about their summer reading.

Here’s a full list of topics covered in the Flow Into 5th Camp:


--How can I prioritizing tasks and improve my time management skills for 5th grade? 

--What are factors during my school day that I can control? What issues are beyond my control? 

--How can my reaction to a situation make it better or worse? 

--What is mindfulness? Why do we talk about it in the middle school? 

--How can I take care of myself to stay healthy and calm during all the excitement in the first few weeks of school? Do I have to do EVERYTHING that is offered? 

--What are some personal and academic goals that I can set to help myself focus and stay motivated? 

--What is the honor code? 

--What makes a positive school citizen?

--How do my words and choices show the world who I am? 

--Why should I think about my perspective before I speak or act? 

--What should I do if I suspect someone is making a poor decision? 

--What are break and recess like in 5th grade? Where do we go? What should we bring? 

--What is bullying? 

--Are there any books from our summer reading list that are about these issues? 

--What are the parts of speech we will be reviewing at the beginning of the year? 

--How can I write clearly to show my teachers all I know? 

--What are some good ideas for elaborating my thoughts and stretching my sentences with details? 

--How do I catch my readers' attention as I write? Will I be asked to write each day? 

--Are there some adjectives that are more vivid than others? 

--Who is Miss White and what kinds of activities will we enjoy in her History class?

--How can I study for the vocabulary assessments we will be having? 

--What are good ways to learn new words? 

--Why should I read every day (even on the weekends!!)? 

--How can I improve my reading comprehension? 

--Are there any websites that are helpful in improving reading comprehension? 

--What does it mean to annotate a book? 

--What are memory devices or test taking hints that will help me shine this year? 

--Where are all the classrooms we will be using for classes that meet all over campus (Religion, Art, PE, Chorus, Band, Skills…)

--What do I want my new teachers to know about me?