Science Club Grants Will Fund Student Research

Monday, September 25, 2017

In an ideal world, cost would never be a barrier to students’ scientific imaginations. But in the real world, experiments can require all kinds of materials—and sometimes those costs add up.

Thanks to the generosity of Heathwood’s Upper School Science Club, students in this year’s Upper School Honors Science Research program and those who are completing science-related Senior Exhibition projects, won’t have to worry as much about how to fund exploration of their ideas and tests of their hypotheses. After a very successful Eclipse t-shirt sale, the Science Club officers have voted to set aside $1000 of their profits for a series of mini-grants that will help defray costs related to scientific exploration.

Science Club officers Athreya Murali, Paris Tomlin, Alyce Petit, and Sonali Patel have developed guidelines for grant applications and will soon begin accepting proposals. Grants will be capped at $50, allowing the Science Club to offer up to 20 of them. All grant applications will be reviewed by the Science Club officers, and funding decisions will be made by the end of the fall semester.

The grants are true to the spirit of Heathwood both in their spirit and in their applications, says Upper School Science Department Chair Jim Morris: “I’m very pleased with the students’ generosity and their willingness to support two of Heathwood’s signature programs.”

Students who are interested in applying for a grant should submit a written research proposal with details on how the requested funds would be used. Senior Exhibition students may submit a copy of their Sr. Ex. Polished Proposal, which is due to their faculty adviser by Oct. 24th, and Honors Science Research students can submit a copy of their CheckPoint #4 - Research Proposal which is due to their research instructors by Oct. 20th.

The Honors Science Research program allows students to conduct original research and present their findings on campus and at the annual meeting of the South Carolina Junior Academy of Science. The program is designed to challenge students academically and provide authentic laboratory experiences that prepare them for future success in the sciences.

Senior Exhibition is a yearlong scholarly research project pursued by every Heathwood Senior. Students write a lengthy research paper and demonstrate mastery of their topic through a public presentation.