Seven Alumni Featured in New Anthology of Young SC Writers

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Seven Heathwood alumni are among the 40 young writers from across the state featured in the South Carolina Honors College's new anthology Writing South Carolina: Selections from the 5th Annual High School Writing Contest.

The Highlanders whose work was published in the anthology are Christina Altman, Genevieve Altman, Marie Charlotte Dememtriades, Justice Hill, Melina Manos, Athraya Murali, and Alyce Petit, all members of the Class of 2018.

All the essays in the anthology address the question "How can we make South Carolina better?"

“We think these students are on the front lines of what happens in our state, and we are pleased to publish their insightful work,” said Steven Lynn, founder of the contest and dean of the SCHC, a college within the University of South Carolina. “What they experience at home, school, and in their communities has been translated into gripping material for us to read. These writers are South Carolina’s future leaders, and I hope people will listen to what they have to say.”