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Our school blog, The Spirit of the Highlander, provides a forum for the Heathwood community to share thoughts, resources, ideas, and advice. 

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November, 2020

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Heathwood Hall is a Community in Action

Willis Ware, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


"Home of the Highlanders": A History of Heathwood Logos and Mascots

Jessie Garlinghouse, Director of Extended Learning


In the Time of COVID-19, School Libraries Still Have Much to Offer

Jennifer Falvey, Head Librarian


Exploring Faith Through Stories, Wonder, and Play: Introducing Our New Godly Play Curriculum

Jill Williams, School Chaplain


Fall Gardening: Growing Plants and Growing Minds

Stephanie Scanlon, Head of Early Childhood and Lower School


October, 2020

College Admissions in the Age of the Pandemic

Dr. George Scouten, Upper School Head


Reflection, Dialog, and Support: Introducing Our African American Student Affinity Group

Willis Ware, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Embrace the Pause: Heathwood Celebrates World Mental Health Day

Stacy Gross '95, Middle School Counselor


Learning and Giving: Reading & Robes and the Gift of a Heathwood Education

Suzanne Nagy '90, Director of Enrollment Management


Summer, 2020

Unpacking Racial Bias: Using Our Summer Reading to Become a More Inclusive Community

Jessie Garlinghouse, Director of Extended Programming


An Ongoing Quest for Excellence: Heathwood's June Faculty In-Service Explores Cutting-Edge Approaches to Teaching and Learning

Jessie Garlinghouse, Director of Extended Programing & Suzanne Nagy, Head of Middle School


May, 2020

Dear Heathwood: A Love Letter 14 Years in the Making

Jennifer Falvey, P '18, '20; Head Librarian


Going the Extra Mile (Literally) For Heathwood

Mary Kay Deese, P '23, '26; Assistant Head of Early Childhood and Lower School


I Love All My Teachers, and I Appreciate Them More Than They'll Ever Know

Anna Claire Liester, '25


To My Children's Teachers

Tricia Holmes, P '29, '30


Heathwood's Teachers Have Never Been More Deserving of Our Appreciation

Jeanette Florence, P '26, '28, '32


Professionalism, Thoughtfulness, and Grit: How Heathwood's Teachers Have Risen to the Challenge of Remote Learning

Chris Hinchey, Head of School


April, 2020

Hands-on Science Beyond the Lab: Creating a Lesson Plan for Distance Learning

Susan McRae, 5th Grade Science Teacher


Why Libraries Matter, Even When They're Closed

Jennifer Falvey, Head Librarian


Class of 2020 -- Community in the Face of Challenges

Jennifer Falvey, Head Librarian and Class of 2020 Parent


Stronger Together: Persevering As An Episcopal Community

Suzanne Nagy, Middle School Head


"Do Not Be Afraid": Celebrating the Week of Holiness During a Pandemic

Rev. Jill Williams, Incoming School Chaplain


Choosing Stillness in the Midst of Chaos: Practicing Mindfulness During the Pandemic

Stacy Gross '95 -- Middle School Counselor


Do I Want It All Back? What I've Learned From the Coronavirus

Lynn Cooper '96  -- Middle School English Teacher