"The Support Here is Amazing": Senior Basketball Standout Josh Caldwell Reflects on His Time at Heathwood

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Josh Caldwell, a four-year Varsity letterman, has been the leading scorer for the Highlanders for the previous two seasons, earning Region Player of the Year and All-State honors in 2015-16.  This season, he joined the 1,000 point club for his career, only the 7th Highlander ever to do so, and has led the Varsity team to a 4-2 record to open the season.

Q:  Now that you’ve wrapped up your recruiting process and are nearly halfway through with your senior year, what is your big goal heading into the season – both as a team and an individual?

A:  Our big goal for the team is to win the state championship. As an individual, one was to score 1,000 points, and I’ve been able to achieve that, so beyond that I’d like to win the SCISA 3A Player of the Year.

Q:  You’re one of the few guys on the current roster who will have gone all the way through the program (B-Team, JV, Varsity).  What has your Heathwood Basketball experience been like?

A:  It’s been great.  A lot of my coaches from B-Team and JV continue to come to our games now, and the support staff around the program has helped me to develop into the player that I am now.  I completely attribute that to Heathwood and working to get better within the program.

Q:  Away from the court, you’re one of the few “lifers” in the senior class.  What has the complete experience been like as a student throughout your entire Heathwood academic career?

A:  The classroom support from teachers here is amazing, and going to school with the same people since kindergarten has been a really unique experience.  The support everywhere has been great, they really help you if you have problems.  Athletically, you can excel.  Offering so many different sports, and without so many people trying out, you can feel like you contribute to lots of different teams.

Q:  Being a senior, and evolving into one of the biggest names on campus and in SCISA, what it is like to now be the leader of the program, where our younger players on Varsity, JV and B-Team all look up to you?

A:  It’s crazy.  I remember being on B-Team and looking up to guys like Corey Littlejohn and Joseph James, and seeing their names on the wall.  Now, to have my name up there with them is crazy.  With younger kids looking up to me, there are expectations for me.  I know I need to act a certain way and set a great example.

Q:  What will you miss most about Heathwood?

A:  The people.  Just coming here every day down that long road for 12 years… it’ll be a little bit different when I’m up in New York, freezing my tail off.

Q:  What are your plans for your arrival at West Point?

A:  I’m looking forward to a good college experience, getting discipline, and preparing for life after basketball.  They recruited me to get to the NCAA Championships, so after my year of prep school, I can’t wait to help lead the first ever Army team to get to the tournament.  Beyond that, I’ll see how far basketball can take me and then get ready for life as a member of the USMA alumni network.