Three Heathwood Seniors Publish Original Scientific Research

Monday, November 20, 2017

Heathwood seniors Athreya Murali, Sonali Patel, and Amelia Robinson-Brown all had original scientific research published this month in the Journal of the South Carolina Academy of Science.

Their work was produced through Heathwood's Upper School Honors Science Research program, which is designed to challenge students academically and provide laboratory experiences that prepare them for future success in the sciences. Students participating in the program must design, implement, and analyze results from an independent experimental research project. They write up their work in a formal scientific report and present it publicly in two different forums. The first presentation is to the Heathwood community during the annual Honors Science Research Symposium. Students also present and compete at the Annual Meeting of the South Carolina Junior Academy of Science (SCJAS).

It was because of their outstanding presentations at SCJAS that Athreya, Sonali, and Amelia were selected to have their work published in the JSCAS. Selection for publication is not only an honor but extremely competitive--among more than 250 papers that were submitted for publication, only 13 were chosen.

Athreya and Sonali's paper, "The Effect of Different Heavy Metal Acetate Solutions on the Inhibition of Catalase Enzyme," ( determines the effect of different aqueous solutions of ionic compounds on the rate of reaction of the enzyme catalase. Amelia's paper, "The Effect of Concentration of CO2 on the Average Rate of Photosynthesis in Spinach Leaf Disks," ( hypothesizes that increases in the concentration of carbon dioxide will also increase the rate of photosynthesis. 

Abstracts of all research papers presented at the 2017 Heathwood Honors Science Research Symposium are available at