Why We Give: Alice and Derek Barker

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Derek and Alice Barker are 2015-16 chairs of the 1951 Society, which recognizes donors who contribute $1,951 or more to the Heathwood Hall Annual Fund during the fiscal year. Here they talk about why they’ve made giving to Heathwood a priority and how annual giving impacts the school in ways both expected and unexpected.

Why do you support Heathwood through the Annual Fund, a gift above and beyond what you pay for tuition?

We support the Annual Fund because we recognize that tuition only goes so far to cover the expense of running the school. If we want tuition to stay reasonable, while expanding programs and opportunities, and making improvements to the physical campus itself, we have to invest in our school. We love our kids and our school. Both require nurturing. 

Why is supporting the Annual Fund important?

Giving to Heathwood’s Annual Fund is important because it shows our commitment to our children’s education and community. One measurement used to determine the health of a school is the percentage of families and faculty that donate to it. Our faculty routinely reach 100% participation! They have faith in our school and we should, too.  Participation helps us attract the best faculty, grants for programs, and brightest students. That’s why it is important for everyone to make at least a small donation. We are so lucky to have the means to send our kids to HH, and we make it a priority every year to show our support. 

There are a lot of worthy organizations you could support. Why have you made giving to Heathwood a priority?

Every year when Derek and I make our charitable contributions, we support the schools that have helped us reach our goals: UNC, MUSC, UAB. And we support organizations that give back to our community in ways we feel are important:NPR, JDRF, March of Dimes, Water.org, St. Jude’s, Riverbanks Zoo. When we give to Heathwood, we support the school that will help our children reach their goals, and we support an organization that gives back so much to their, and our, community.