Why We Give: Colleen and Joe Nassab

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Why is the annual fund so important to Heathwood? 2015-16 Annual Fund Co-Chairs Colleen and Joe Nassab explain why they’re so passionate about annual giving.

Why do you support HHES through the Annual Fund, a gift above and beyond what you pay for tuition?

When we moved to Columbia five years ago and selected Heathwood for our children, we were new to Heathwood and also new to private schools.  We always assumed that the cost of tuition was the cost to educate a student.  It was eye-opening for us to learn that tuition only covers about 80% of the cost of educating a child and that the tuition is kept low to attract a diverse population of families and to allow families to contribute to their children’s education while receiving a tax deduction. The Annual Fund is a key way that schools make up the delta of what it costs to educate a student and the cost of tuition.

Why do you think giving to Heathwood’s Annual Fund matters and why is it a priority for you?

We have always believed that education is the best investment you can make for your child.  It is the foundation of learning that they will continue to build upon for life.  Any investment made to improve the opportunities and education they receive at Heathwood will pay dividends for years to come.

How do you see annual giving making a difference in the life of the school?

The small classroom sizes, the one-on-one relationships that students have with teachers, the opportunity to do independent science research, the senior exhibition process, PEAK-sponsored class trips outside the classroom, and the wide variety of extra-curricular activities and sports are all part of the experience and education that you receive at Heathwood.  All of these things are special and they are all available because of the Annual Fund.