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  • He sets his goals high, sets to working hard, and surpasses even his own high expectations.
  • Respect for the dignity of every human, and respect for the unique mind of every learner.
  • At Heathwood, your child fits in precisely because he can stand out. And he learns to expect more – of his school and of himself – precisely because we respect his fullest potential.
  • When a child knows that her teachers and classmates respect her mind, her talents, and her way of seeing the world, she comes to expect more of herself.

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Welcome to the Heathwood Hall Sandbox!

Welcome to the Heathwood Hall Sandbox!

This sandbox is completely devoid of all design-elements - we promise the new site will not be styled in the austere white and grey you see here! Headers and other typographical elements, for example, will be styled according to the final website design (once confirmed). The pages we have built are at this point free of any content — no pictures, copy or design elements. For now, you’ll have to take a leap of faith in imagining that the site you see at the prototype phase and the site you will ultimately see are the same site, even though they look nothing like one another at this point!

Heathwood Teachers Strengthen Their Columbia Connections Through In-Service Expeditions

There are countless ways Heathwood students can contribute to the Columbia community. And there are countless ways the community can contribute to our students’ education.

Those are just two of many takeaways for Heathwood faculty and staff who participated in Columbia Connections In-Service expeditions on August 10.

Heathwood’s Columbia Connections program extends our learning environment by providing unique educational opportunities with leaders from the academic, cultural, scientific, non-profit, and business communities in Columbia. Faculty have opportunities to integrate community leaders, activities, and locales into their curricula in many ways, and the goal of the in-service day was to provide an in-depth look at some of those options.

To that end, Columbia Connections Director Donnie Bain put together eight... Read more »

Former Gamecock Marcus Lattimore to Join the Heathwood Football Staff

A familiar and legendary name in football will be on the Heathwood Hall sideline this fall, as former Byrnes HS standout, South Carolina All-American, and San Francisco 49er Marcus Lattimore has joined the Highlander Football staff!  Lattimore, who graduates today from USC, has served as an ambassador for the University after concluding his professional career, in addition to creating and maintaining the Marcus Lattimore Foundation. Marcus will work within all phases of the HHES program, serving as the B-Team Head Coach, as well as an offensive assistant with the Varsity.

Lattimore said of his new role, “First, I want to thank Jeff Whalen, his staff, and Heathwood Hall Episcopal School for welcoming me with open... Read more »

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