Columbia's age three through grade 12 independent school where students learn to expect more.
  • When a child knows that her teachers and classmates respect her mind, her talents, and her way of seeing the world, she comes to expect more of herself.
  • At Heathwood, your child fits in precisely because he can stand out. And he learns to expect more – of his school and of himself – precisely because we respect his fullest potential.
  • He sets his goals high, sets to working hard, and surpasses even his own high expectations.
  • Respect for the dignity of every human, and respect for the unique mind of every learner.

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Welcome to the Heathwood Hall Sandbox!

Welcome to the Heathwood Hall Sandbox!

This sandbox is completely devoid of all design-elements - we promise the new site will not be styled in the austere white and grey you see here! Headers and other typographical elements, for example, will be styled according to the final website design (once confirmed). The pages we have built are at this point free of any content — no pictures, copy or design elements. For now, you’ll have to take a leap of faith in imagining that the site you see at the prototype phase and the site you will ultimately see are the same site, even though they look nothing like one another at this point!

Inquisitive, Independent, Impressive: Senior Exhibition

Take a look at the 2015 Senior Exhibition topics and you’ll realize quickly that these are not casual research projects.  On the contrary, they represent in-depth, diligent work by our seniors and can easily be called the culmination of the student experience at Heathwood Hall.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, the seniors presented their research and insights to audiences of family, faculty, friends, and their Senior Exhibition Committeees consisting of faculty advisor, outside expert, inside expert, and a student from the junior class.

The provacative topics included:

The Effect of the United States of America’s Use of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques During the War on Terror

Life:  Could it... Read more »

4th Graders Shine for Citylight

What do fashion, service and entrepreneurship have in common?  Thanks to fourth graders Jasmine Jones and Neil Kennard, a Columbia non-profit and church can answer that question with enthusiasm.  Citylight, an initiative supported by Victory Ecumenical Church, is the beneficiary of Jasmine and Neil’s keen businesss sense, stellar design ability, and deep desire to give to those less fortunate.  Victory feeds homeless people on a regular basis and relies on community support.

Jasmine is well known among Heathwood friends and teachers for her interest and talent in fashion design.  She also is inspired by her parents, who serve people in need.  Jasmine designed t-shirts for Citylight based on a sign the organization has that features people from different walks of life.  ... Read more »

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