Columbia's age three through grade 12 independent school where students learn to expect more.
  • When a child knows that her teachers and classmates respect her mind, her talents, and her way of seeing the world, she comes to expect more of herself.
  • Respect for the dignity of every human, and respect for the unique mind of every learner.
  • He sets his goals high, sets to working hard, and surpasses even his own high expectations.
  • At Heathwood, your child fits in precisely because he can stand out. And he learns to expect more – of his school and of himself – precisely because we respect his fullest potential.

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Welcome to the Heathwood Hall Sandbox!

Welcome to the Heathwood Hall Sandbox!

This sandbox is completely devoid of all design-elements - we promise the new site will not be styled in the austere white and grey you see here! Headers and other typographical elements, for example, will be styled according to the final website design (once confirmed). The pages we have built are at this point free of any content — no pictures, copy or design elements. For now, you’ll have to take a leap of faith in imagining that the site you see at the prototype phase and the site you will ultimately see are the same site, even though they look nothing like one another at this point!

5th Graders Work With Writer/Illustrator in Nature's Classroom

Fifth graders recently enjoyed Heathwood’s natural campus and inspiration from writer/illustrator/nature blogger Helen Correll.  Visiting from the upstate and sharing her method of journaling about nature, Ms. Correll worked with students on capturing their observations and reflections in writing and illustration.  Students prepared for her visit in English and history classes.

Ms. Correll is a regular contributor to the Wildlife in North Carolina magazine and teaches nature journaling classes to students in elementary school all the way through college.  She also paints portraits of children.


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Order Your Christmas Tree by Nov. 7

Back by popular demand, the SEED Christmas sale is underway!  Place your order for North Carolina Fresh Frasier Fir Trees, Wreaths, Poinsettias, and Local Smilax!.  These gorgeous Christmas trees, wreaths and poinsettias are large, fresh and gorgeous.   Southern Smilax is a wonderful addition to your home, as it is a light weight vine that adds a “southern touch” to your holiday decor!

Orders will be taken through Friday, November 7th.  All items must be preordered!  Checks can be made out to Heathwood Hall.  Delivery day is TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3rd from 1:00 - 5:30 PM at the SEED Roadside stand.  Tree, wreath and poinsettia... Read more »

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