Columbia's age three through grade 12 independent school where students learn to expect more.
  • At Heathwood, your child fits in precisely because he can stand out. And he learns to expect more – of his school and of himself – precisely because we respect his fullest potential.
  • He sets his goals high, sets to working hard, and surpasses even his own high expectations.
  • Respect for the dignity of every human, and respect for the unique mind of every learner.
  • When a child knows that her teachers and classmates respect her mind, her talents, and her way of seeing the world, she comes to expect more of herself.

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Welcome to the Heathwood Hall Sandbox!

Welcome to the Heathwood Hall Sandbox!

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Students Give Gifts to the Community through Service

Heathwood students of all ages have left their mark on the greater Columbia community through service projects over the last month.  From running laps to collecting necessities to purchasing and wrapping gifts, our students and faculty have reached out to those in greatest need in the Midlands.

The Middle School kicked off the holiday giving spirit just before Thanksgiving with the 11th annual Turkey Trot, which raised $13,000 for Harvest Hope Food Bank.  This service learning project began earlier in the fall with a food drive for Harvest Hope, which gathered 3,500 pounds of food donations.  Seventh and 8th grade students participated in think tank discussions the morning of the Turkey Trot, focusing their conversations and presentations on issues surrounding water at the local, state, national and global levels.  ... Read more »

5th Grade Honors Peter Tarpley with Integrated Arts Project


The significance of water is not lost on our 5th graders.  

Water was the focus of their Integrated Arts project, which culminated recently in the dedication of a beautiful new fountain to the memory of Peter Tarpley, the late husband of Heathwood’s chaplain, Raven Tarpley.  With direction from Middle School art teacher Clare Scurry, the 5th graders designed and made the fountain, which was inspired by the story of Noah’s Ark.  

The study of water integrated art, religion, English and science.  In addition to the fountain project, students studied the symbolism and presence of water in Bible stories, the use of water in English language idioms, and... Read more »

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