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Heathwood's Dining Commons offers meals that are far from the norm in an educational setting. Under our seasoned executive chef's guidance, we prepare healthy and delicious meals, with locally sourced ingredients, a wide variety of options, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Students with allergies and dietary restrictions will be accommodated.

This Week's Menus

Flik Dining Program

For over ten years, Flik Independent School Dining has been Heathwood’s dining services provider. Working exclusively with independent schools, they are experts at providing delicious and healthy lunch choices. Flik serves many locally produced products and makes many dishes from scratch. They limit the use of processed or frozen foods and additives.

  • The Dining Commons is another classroom at Heathwood Hall. Flik staff and each division have created developmentally appropriate opportunities to learn about healthy eating and the science of nutrition.
  • We practice environmentally friendly habits: our plates and utensils are reusable, and we compost our kitchen and dining waste.
  • The Dining Commons is a wonderful place to practice manners and gather as a community.

Lunch Highlights

Our lunch offerings balance simple foods with dishes that will broaden the palate.

  • Hot foods (two entrees daily—one vegetarian; soup, vegetables, and sides)
  • Salad bar (mixed lettuces, cold vegetables, cheeses, prepared salads, yogurt, fruit, and homemade dressings)
  • Deli bar (various breads, turkey breast, and roast beef prepared on-site, cold cuts, hummus, cheeses, condiments, and specialty sandwiches)
  • Dessert (ice cream and freezer treats, homemade cookies, applesauce, and fresh fruit)
  • Drinks (skim and 2% milk, low-fat chocolate milk, 100% fruit juices, iced tea, and fruit-infused water)

While every student may not care for every offering, the variety provided by Flik ensures that our students have plenty from which to choose.

Dining Guidelines

  • Students may choose from any or all of the daily offerings.
  • Students may return for additional servings but are asked to eat what they take and consider their choices with a balanced diet in mind.
  • To encourage healthy eating habits, the Dining Commons staff is asked not to provide more than a reasonable portion of any one item to a student and will encourage choices of fruit and vegetables to accompany entrees.
  • Our youngest students eat together “family style,” with assistance from their teachers.
  • For nutritional reasons, some drink and dessert choices are limited for students up through grade 4.
  • Panini sandwich presses are available for students in grades 5 through 12.

Allergies & Special Needs

  • Please let our school Health Office ( and Flik’s chef/manager know if your child has a food allergy or dietary restriction/requirement.
  • An allergy board is posted daily to assist students and teachers with the identification of common allergens.
  • Flik’s corporate nutrition specialist is available to consult on food allergies or sensitivities, disordered eating habits, or dietary concerns.
  • If you are concerned that your child is not eating enough, is eating too much, or is not making reasonably healthy lunch choices, please feel free to contact his or her teachers or division head. We are more than willing to work with your child to ensure that they are aware of their choices and comfortable finding things they like to eat.

Final Notes

  • While the fee for the lunch program is required of all students in grades K-12, eating exclusively from Flik’s lunch service is not. Students are always welcome to bring lunch or a portion of lunch from home. Please remember that other students may have allergies to foods sent from home.
  • We welcome you on an occasional basis to join your child for lunch. Please purchase a lunch ticket (cost is $8) from the school receptionist, one of the division administrative assistants, or the Plaid Peddler. Please do not ask to pay at the Dining Commons, as they are not staffed to sell lunch tickets or to make change.

Questions? Contact Liz Summers, Assistant Head and Director of Finance and Operations: 803-231-7736 or We look forward to seeing you and your children in the Dining Commons!