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Episcopal Tradition

​Heathwood Hall is an Episcopal school. Our community includes members of many faith traditions, with a majority being Christian. All students and faculty gather for worship and prayer each Wednesday in the Chapel of the Epiphany. We use the Episcopal Church’s Book of Common Prayer as a primary resource and also incorporate resources from other faiths. We seek unity through common prayer, not common doctrine. As an Episcopal community, we learn, worship and celebrate together in the recognition that God is the center of life and with the intention of answering God’s call to each of us to nurture one another’s spiritual development and to welcome all people into our community.

The Episcopal tradition is incarnational. God was fully incarnate in Jesus and is present within the heart of every human being. In the first two chapters of the Book of Genesis, God created the world and saw that it was good. Therefore, with God’s help, Heathwood strives for justice and peace among all peoples, respects the dignity of every human being, embraces social responsibility and is devoted to good stewardship of the earth.

Through the habit of regular Chapel attendance, our students experience the rhythms of corporate worship, the benefits of common prayer, and the value of spiritual reflection. It is our hope they become more able to grapple with life’s meaning and value and to practice those lessons of mind and heart in the world.